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Miracle Project, Adding Delicious Miracle onto Rice
Time:20 Jul 2015
Posted by

There are rice desserts that draw consumers?ˉ attention even with interesting names like??Ssarrrreu?ˉ(a type ofbingsu,Korean shaved ice dessert but made with rice; the name sounds like ??rice?ˉ in Korean) and ??MimiPie?ˉ (??Mi?ˉin Chinese character can be ??rice?ˉ or ??taste?ˉ). Rice has long been a staple food for Koreans. With this ??delicious miracle,?ˉ 7 types of healthy desserts made from rice are now available.

❍The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA, Minister Lee Dong-phil) announced that the ministry is working on the project called ??Mi(meaning ??rice?ˉ in Chinese Character)racle Project?ˉ as a part of the project to invigorate rice consumption. The ministry added that they collaborate with 3 chefs for the project to create 7 types of desserts made from rice, taking the recent consumption trends to look for more desserts into account.

??Miracle Project?ˉ is designed to create a new and friendly image of rice for younger generations who prefer desserts including cakes andbingsuto rice amid the decreased consumption of rice.

❍TheMiracle Project is in its 2ndround after the 1stone in 2011 under the slogan ??Add delicious miracle onto rice.?ˉ This suggests that the ministry hopes to transfer rice, which used to be regarded as a mere staple food, to have a connection with delicious desserts.

* Through the initial project in 2011, ??rice cream?ˉ at Gorilla in the Kitchen (a restaurant) and??nurungji(scorched rice) latte?ˉ at the CJ cafeteria were introduced.

❍TheMiracle Project focuses on infinite changes of rice and has developed 7 types of desserts. In particular, those desserts have combined tastes of sweet, which is younger generations?ˉ favorite, rustic and savory flavors.

Chef Kim Ho-yoon, Louis Kang, and Lee Won-il participated inMiracle Project to develop rice desserts. They commented that those desserts gained some popularity among audience members in their 20s and 30s by culinary TV programs. They also wish that this could be a positive influence on expansion of rice consumption.

❍Chef Kim Ho-yoon has a wide range of understanding for various ingredients of Korean and Western cuisine. He developed 3 recipes:??Ssarrrreu,?ˉwith rice ice and black rice syrup instead of red bean, which is the original ingredient ofbingsu; and rice cake for which people can use a spoon to scoop the cake; and black rice waffles.

❍Chef and chocolatier Louis Kang is specialized in desserts. He developed 2 recipes: Cr¨ope Rice Louis XXIII for ladies in their 20s and 30s; and rice parfait using cold steamed rice as an ingredient.

❍Chef Lee Won-il started his career in Korean cuisine and expanded it to dessert. He developed 2 recipes:MimiPie, using rice andmakgeollito create full of flavors; and crunchynurungjiscones.

The recipes of the 7 desserts are available for anyone, social network services and culinary magazines. MAFRA plans to have these recipes on a menu, which anyone can try.

Also, the chefs of theMiracle Project will pick one dessert each and consumers will try those 3 desserts at a free sampling event, sponsored by Sulbing. The popular menu items from the event will be available at Sulbing.

❍TheMiracle Project chefs will be on air to show the whole process of rice being transferred into interesting desserts and host another free sampling event for the 3 selected menu items at Sulbing between August 7thand 8th.

❍Consumers can apply for free vouchers for sampling on the Facebook page of the Rice Museum and its blog. There will be 100 couples (2 tickets for 1 applicant) who will be drawn and given free vouchers for tasting.

* ??Rice Museum?ˉ), Blog:

Director Jeon Han-young of Food Industry Promotion Division said, ?°I?ˉd like to extend my gratitude for those 3 chefs who participated in the new dessert development. I hope more chefs will develop rice desserts that are rustic and savory, which will attract younger generations?ˉ appetite and be an opportunity to re-evaluate the value of rice. We developed those rice desserts in a way that anyone can try at home, so I hope consumers can cook those at home with their family while referring to the recipes.?±

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