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Angelica Keiskei Extract

Ms.Grace Lee

Supplier Details

  • Kingherbs Changsha
  • China China
  • Ms.Grace Lee
  • 86-731-89865981
  • US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • 50 ~ 100
  • Manufacture
  • North America,South America,Eastern Euro...
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  • Product Name: Angelica Keiskei Extract
  • Product Origin: China
  • Brand Name: KINGHERBS


angelica keiskei extract

latin name: angelica keiskei koizumi
synonyms: ashitaba; tomorrow leaf.

description: angelica keiskei koizumi (japanese name ' ashitaba' umbelliferae) is a hardy perennial herb, growing in the izu islands of japan. it is also known as tomorrow leaf, refers to an interesting botanical fact. if its leaves are picked in the morning, new leaves will be in place by the next morning. on the japanese hachi jo island the plant is mainly consumed as a food supplement by old people who, according to reliable statistics, are rather healthy and enjoy long living.

1. regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels;
2. strengthens the immune system;
3. fixes the metabolism;
4. inhibited metastasis to the lung after surgical removal of primary tumors;
5. prolonged survival time;
6. antitumor and antimetastatic activities;
7. against coronary heart disease, hypertension and cancer.

active ingredient: nutritional analysis reveals that 100 grams of ashitaba powder contains the beta-carotene content equivalent to four carrots, the vitamin b2 content equivalent to 28 cloves of garlic, the vitamin c content equivalent to 4 lemons, and nine times the amount of iron found in spinach. it also contains vitamins b1, b3, b5, b6, biotin, folic acid, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, manganese, sulphur and silicon.
most plants are devoid of vitamin b12, which is normally only obtainable through meat, fish and eggs. however, ashitaba is a good source of this nutrient, making it an ideal supplement for strict vegetarians and vegans, who omit these foods from their diets and are at risk of suffering from a deficiency.
chalcones (xantho angelol, 4-hydroxyderricin, xanthoangelol b-g and isobavachalcone) are rarely found anywhere in the natural world but are the key factor in ashitaba and responsible for many antioxidant functions.

appearance: brown powder.
specification: 10:1 hplc.
1. we passed the iso9001 certification;
2. 100% natural;
3. best price and service, delivery.

Angelica Keiskei Extract
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