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Anmum Lacta Baby nutrition

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  • Product Name: Anmum Lacta Baby nutrition


when you're pregnant, what you eat and drink is the main source of nourishment for your child

im pregnant

did you know that while your little one is in the womb, his brain is growing rapidly? and that once hes born, the production of new brain cells actually slows down?

well, heres how it works. the bulk of brain cells form i

im breastfeeding
when your child reaches for your breast, his growing brain is just as hungry as his tummy for the nutrients in your milk. this essential nourishment helps connect his brain cells so he can learn faster.

its wonderful how breastmilk contains all the right nutrients for your child. however, with your busy schedule, you may not be taking in the right amounts of nutrients yourself.

how can i get enough nutrients myself?
to help ensure you get enough nutrients so your child gets enough too, theres anmum lacta. anmum lacta is the only milk specially formulated for breastfeeding mums, anmum lacta boosts your daily intake of gangliosides - which promote your childs brain cell connections.

it also contains sialic acid and essential fatty acids, both building blocks for your childs brain. with reduced fat and lactose, anmum lacta is low on calories, but high on taste.

read more on anmum website:

  • here are some easy and healthy post-pregnancy recipes for you to whip up, or for hubby to treat you to. have fun and eat well. and while youre at it, dont forget to take your daily glasses of anmum!

did you know?
two glasses of anmum lacta a day can help replenish your nutrient stores after delivery, giving you the nutrients you need to breastfeed. a daily intake of two glasses of anmum lacta is equivalent to 100% of folic acid, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin b12!

n the womb, and when your child is born, these cells connect to each through visual, motor, language and social stimulation. the more these connections are made, the faster your child learns and develops memory and cognitive abilities.

this simply means that its while youre pregnant that you should start giving your child the brain food he needs for brain cell generation.

what makes good brain food for baby in tummy?
folic acid:
folic acid is an essential b vitamin that pregnant women need to reduce the risks of brain and spinal defects in their children. the fact is everyone needs folic acid as it helps the body make new cells. for pregnant women, the need increases because folic acid also helps to combat anaemia, miscarriages and premature deliveries. however, in reality, only 3 out of 5 women get sufficient folic acid during their pregnancies. so its important for you to up your folic acid needs and you can find this essential nutrient in leafy green vegetables, dried beans, peas and of course, anmum milk.

gangliosides: gangliosides are lipids that help in the development of your childs brain functions, especially the synapses or connections. the more the cells of your childs brain connect, the more potential his brain has for learning.

essential fatty acids: efas support your childs brain development, especially his eye functions. your child cannot make his own efas, so he has to rely on your diet to get what he needs.

read more on pregnancy related information on anmum website:

  • select the week you are at and then on how far ahead you are to find out more about your pregnancy state and your babys growth.

  • when you're pregnant, what you eat and drink is the main source of nourishment for your child. thats why its important for you to consider what you eat.

  • here are some easy and healthy pre- and post-pregnancy recipes for you to whip up, or for hubby to treat you to. have fun and eat well. and while youre at it, dont forget to take your daily glasses of anmum!

did you know?

anmum materna is high in folic acid, a nutrient clinically tested to support the growth of your foetus and reduce its risks of birth defects. whats more, it also contains gangliosides, essential fatty acids and sialic acid all of which play important roles in the mental growth of your child.

just two glasses of anmum materna a day give you 100% of your daily folic acid and 50% of your iron needs. best of all, it has reduced fat and lactose, and loads of nutrition.

take one glass with breakfast and one glass at bedtime, and feel confident that youve given your child the brain food he needs! 

  we always advise mothers to eat well. you and your babys health depend on a well-balanced diet.

Anmum Lacta Baby nutrition
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Anmum  Essential Baby nutrition

Anmum Essential Baby nutrition

  • Product Name: Anmum Essential Baby nutrition
  • Of course, proper nutrition must also be combined with positive stimulation Im mommy to a child As your child is starting to talk, walk and discover the world around him, he will need all the nutrients he can get to sustain his development. One of the most critical and fastest stages of your childs brain development begins just before birth until his 3rd birthday. For faster learning to happen, your childs brain cells need to connect. Excellent nutrition and stimulation help ensure optimal brain development. Thats why providing him with the right nutrition early is so important at this stage. What helps babys brain development? Gangliosides: Gangliosides are a type of fat that are highly concentrated in the brain. They help with brain cell connections, which directly impact on faster learning. GA may enhance the memory as well as the ability to learn. GA is found in breastmilk, eggs, meat, and dairy products, including GA-fortified Anmum Essential. Sialic Acid : Sialic acid supports brain growth and neural transmission. Research credits SA with enhanced learning. Studies show the higher the SA concentration, the greater the brain cells connect for improved learning. SA is found in breastmilk and Anmum Essential. Docosahexaenoic Acid: DHA is critical for brain and eye development and concentration. DHA is found in both breastmilk and Anmum Essential. Essential Amino Acid: EAA is crucial to the production of neurotransmitters, which are necessary for proper nerve and signal conduction that affects brain functions. Essential Fatty Acids: EFAs can only be obtained from a childs diet, as the body does not produce these on its own. The EFAs, linoleic acid and linolenic acid become DHA, which is critical to brain development. Read more toddler related information on Anmum website: Some tips on caring for newborn and new Moms Wondering how much is too much, and how little is too little? Just use this guide to find out what and how much to feed your child at every stage of development from 6 to 12 months. Does your childs brain grow steadily? Do children need special toys to develop their brains? Read more! Use this chart to gain insight into what you're observing in your child today, and what you can look forward to in the months ahead. As your child plays, hell learn all about himself and what he can do. Itll help him make friends, enjoy company and discover the world around him. By letting your child play, and playing with him, youll be boosting his self-confidence in many ways... Did you know? Anmum Essential contains Gangliosides, which helps in the development of brain cell connections, setting the foundation for faster learning. Whats more, Anmum Essential also contains DHA, which plays an important role in your childs mental development. Moreover, Anmum has the goodness of key nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your child needs to grow. Of course, proper nutrition must also be combined with positive stimulation. Giving your child the right nutrients in the right amounts while also providing him with a loving, stimulating environment will help him learn and grow to be one smart child! You can help your child reach his full potential by encouraging his brains vital connections, via the right nutrition and stimulation. Everyday, your childs brain is making thousands of nerve connections as he learns. The nerve cells need proper nutrition and stimulation to ensure optimal development of brain function for memory formation and the learning process . New Anmum Essential 1+ now contains Sialic Acid (SA) in addition to the other essential nutrients, such as such as GA, DHA, EFA, Phospholipid, Iron and EAA. With Anmum Essential , your child can enjoy his learning experience through the environmental stimuli and experience you provide.

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    Anmum Lacta Baby nutrition
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