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Beans ,Cereals,Nuts,Pseudocereals,Nut-like Gymnosperm Seeds

  • Dried Beans
  • Beans , Cereals , Nuts
  • South Africa
Mr.Mushtak Akhmed

Supplier Details

  • Nsk.
  • South Africa South Africa
  • Mr.Mushtak Akhmed
  • 27-073-7374030
  • US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
  • 50 ~ 100
  • Trade
  • North America,South America,Eastern Euro...
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Item specifics

  • Product Name: Beans ,Cereals,Nuts,Pseudocereals,Nut-like Gymnosperm Seeds
  • Product Origin: South Africa
  • PriceTerms: Price On Enquiry


we have the following products available for sale:

beans, also known as legumes or pulses include:

    * bambara groundnut
    * chickpeas
    * cowpeas
    * dry beans, including
          o common bean
          o several species of vigna, such as the lentil
    * fava or broad beans
    * hyacinth bean
    * lablab
    * lentils
    * lupins
    * moringa oleifera
    * peas
    * peanuts
    * pigeon peas
    * sterculia
    * velvet beans
    * winged beans
    * yam beans
    * soybeans

    * acacia spp. (e.g. acacia aneura (mulga), acacia cowleana, acacia estrophiolata (ironweed), acacia ligulata (umbrella bush), acacia murrayana (tjuntjula), acacia tetragonophylla (wakalpulka), acacia kempeana (witchetty bush), acacia coriacea (wiry wattle), acacia notabilis, acacia pyrifolia, acacia tetragonophylla, acacia victoriae, acacia sophorae, acacia stenophylla, acacia tumida)
    * aleurites moluccana
    * atriplex nummularia (old man saltbush)
    * panicum spp. (e.g. panicum australiense, panicum decompositum, panicum effusum)
    * amaranthus mitchellii
    * amaranthus grandiflorus
    * brachiaria spp. (e.g. brachiaria piligera brachiaria milliformis)
    * brachychiton spp. (e.g. brachychiton diversifolium brachychiton gregorii, brachychiton paradoxum, brachychiton populneum)
    * bruguiera rheedii
    * calandrinia balonensis
    * canarium australianum
    * canavalia maritima
    * entada phaseolides
    * eragrostris spp. (wangunu) (e.g. eragrostris eriopoda)
    * eucalyptus leptopoda
    * eucalyptus microtheca
    * astrelba pectinata (mitchell grass)
    * portulaca oleracea
    * portulaca intraterranea
    * marsilea drummondii (nardoo)
    * nymphae gigantea
    * rhyncharrhena linearis
    * themeda australis


    * barley
    * fonio
    * maize (corn)
    * pearl millet
    * oats
    * palmer's grass
    * rice
    * rye
    * sorghum
    * spelt
    * teff
    * triticale
    * wheat
    * wild rice

pseudocereals pseudocereals
quinoa is not a grass, but its seeds have been eaten for 6000 years.

    * breadnut
    * buckwheat
    * cattail
    * chia
    * flax
    * grain amaranth
    * ka駃wa
    * pitseed goosefoot
    * quinoa
    * wattleseed (also called acacia seed)

    * almond
    * beech
    * brazil nut
    * candlenut
    * cashew
    * chestnuts, including:
          o chinese chestnut
          o sweet chestnut
    * colocynth
    * cucurbita ficifolia
    * filbert
    * gevuina avellana
    * hickory, including
          o pecan
          o shagbark hickory
    * terminalia catappa
    * hazel
    * indian beech
    * kola nut
    * macadamia
    * malabar chestnut
    * pistacia
    * mamoncillo
    * maya nut
    * mongongo
    * oak acorns
    * ogbono nut
    * paradise nut
    * pili nut
    * walnut
    * water caltrop

nut-like gymnosperm seeds
pine nuts are gymnosperm seeds that are edible

    * cycads
    * ginkgo
    * gnetum gnemon
    * juniper
    * monkey-puzzle
    * pine nuts, including
          o chilgoza pine
          o korean pine
          o stone pine
          o colorado pinyon
          o mexican pinyon
          o single-leaf pinyon
    * podocarps

others:we have other products like :

    * cempedak
    * egusi
    * euryale ferox (fox nut)
    * fluted pumpkin
    * hemp seed
    * jackfruit
    * lotus seed
    * malabar gourd
    * pumpkin seed
    * sunflower seed

for more information,contact us

Beans ,Cereals,Nuts,Pseudocereals,Nut-like Gymnosperm Seeds
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    Beans ,Cereals,Nuts,Pseudocereals,Nut-like Gymnosperm Seeds
    Mr.Mushtak Akhmed
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