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Cake Machine Production Line TA400 Muffin Production Line

Ms.Minnie Yao

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  • Product Name: Cake Machine Production Line TA400 Muffin Production Line
  • Product Origin: China


 product model:

cake machine production line ta400 muffin productin line  



           cake2     cake11-05




a,the bright future of custard cake making
today, custard cake has become a popular food of rich nutrition all over the world. because of peoples higher living standard, faster working and living pace and the change of eating habit, the prospect of a thriving global market for custard cakes is expected to be realized.
at present, however, this production line made in foreign country is very expensive. in contrast, we, shantou dahe, based on the advantages of all similar production lines home and abroad and as the leading manufacturer of all the lines in china, has developed and produced the gas-style custard cake fully automatic production line.
with capacity of 9,000kg per day, our product has the advantages of low cost, reasonable price, high level of automation, low rate of unqualified products and an easier way of cleaning.




b,the feature of the production line

1. the gas-channel oven type
fan is used to mix air with gas in advance so as to attain effective gas-burning without polluting the oven. temperature control-system consists of 10 sections, which are divided into upper and lower layer each of 5 sections. thanks to the individual fire-tube, the cake out of this oven is much better than the one out of electrical-oven. besides, the cakes are with more beautiful shapes, better taste and flavor, thus are more attractive to the customers.
2. digital display is used in the temperature control device of the gas-channel-oven. the auto-temperature-controller has 2-way-outlet with up & down limited, keep the gas fully-tube, even-temperature-heating and without any pollution. it is for cake, bread, puff, and moon-cake making.
3. safer device.
there are devices of no-burn safe-guard device and 2-unit electromagnetic valve in the burning system. it plays a role of double safeguard. with the plc fire inspection system, when there is no fire in the oven-head, the gas can be cut off in a short time.
4. the temperature of each section of the oven and the condition of each burning head can be seen on the control penal. in the first safeguard, the indicated light will be flashing when the fire extinguishes in the burning-tube. in the second one, the fan will work to blow out the gas in the oven.


c,processing line

1. mixing
it can be done auto-mixing after loading the paste- material; you may also set the mixing-time. after the process of mixing, the lifter loads automatically the paste-material into the filling-hopper (tank).

2. oil-coating

the oil-coating machine is set before dough depositor to make an oil-layer on the tray, so as to prevent the cake from sticking on the surface of the cavities of mode. in this way, the products of the cake can be good looking and the shape would be beautiful.

3. forming
the forming of paste-material, 24pcs/2-line, in 3 times forming for each plate, will be done after the oven-plate coated with oil entered the forming machine. after finishing the forming, the mould-plates enter the oven-channel (chamber) for heating and drying.

4. baking

the oven-channel (tunnel) for heating and baking is 30 meters long with 16 temperature control sections

5. mould-plate-return
the cakes go through drying automatically and enter the conveyer of mould-plate-return by the turn-bend device in twice. after the cake goes through the cooling, cream-filling, out of mould, the mould-plates go to get oil-coating and enter the inlet of turn-bend device.

6. cooling

the cakes on the conveyer get natural cooling and then enter the cream-injection area.

7. auto-cream-injection

by auto-cream-injection setting, 24 pcs of cakes in 2 lines can be injected at one time. the injection of each cake-plate (72pcs) can be finished in 3 times.

8. cake-off-mould
after the injection of cream-material, the cakes enter the area of cake-off-mould.72pcs of cakes will be taken out in one time by the machine. and the empty-mould-plate will enter the oil-coating machine, while the conveyor for packing will take out the cakes.

9. separate conveyer

when cakes come out from moulds, they will be automatically conveyed to different packing lines.                    

10. packaging

the cakes enter the pillow-packing machine for packing.



gas & pressure

natural gas, oil-gas, 180-240pa

gas consumption

10 m3 /hr


380v/20kw ac

conveyor speed

0-2m/min. (inverter control)

oven max. temperatures


dimension of oven

l 30000*w 1140*h 125mm



height of oven


length of the conveyer

3000mm (center part), 3250 mm (the whole)

mould-plate size


Cake Machine Production Line TA400 Muffin Production Line
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