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  • Ture.Ltd.Co
  • Ethiopia Ethiopia
  • Mr.Endale
  • 86-577-65117118
  • < 20
  • Manufacture & Trade & Service
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Product Details
Company Profile

Item specifics

  • Model No.: Sidamo, Yirgacheffee, Harar,Jimma
  • Product Name: COFFEE
  • Product Origin: Ethiopia
  • Standard: Export Standard, best qulaity
  • Brand Name: QAHWA
  • PriceTerms: FOB ,CIF & Mainland China Delivery
  • Supply Ability: As much as the Supplier Wants


some facts on ethiopian coffees
the story of coffee has its beginnings in ethiopia, the original home of the coffee plant; coffee arabica, which still grows wild in the forest of the highlands. while nobody is sure exactly how coffee was originally discovered as a beverage, it is believed that its cultivation & use began as early as the 9 th century. the only thing that is certain is that it originated in ethiopia, from where it traveled to the yemen about 600 years ago .legend traces the discovery of coffee back to the 3 rd century when kalid, an ethiopian goatherd, noticed his goats having eaten red cherries growing wild on shrubs were bleating & kicking their heels with charged levels of energy. kalid shared his discovery with monks, who soon found that consuming the berries helped them stay awake during long hours of prayer.
so much for the legend, in fact there is a consensus among historians & botanists that coffee, especially the genus coffee arabica, is indigenous to ethiopia where it continues to grow wild in the region of kaffa, illubabor, bale & gamu gofa. the noted botanist p.g sylvan, after making a thorough & lengthy research in south western parts of ethiopia, he confirming by saying that  this country is the motherland of wild coffee & it is astonishing why the coffee shrub is called coffee arabica  .entomologists interprets coffee as a derivative of the ethiopian province keffa
keffa region in ethiopia is the birth place of coffee, hence the similarity in name keffa-coffee. coffee is called bunna in ethiopian local language, but as the plant spread out in the area as far as the arabian pensiuala across the red sea people referred to it as kaffa or coffee for the region it came from. the reason for its early spread was an edible product mostly for the caffeine.
it is from ethiopia that coffee spreads to arabica, ceylon, java, surinam, brazil colombia,& and then back to african countries such as kenya, tanzania, uganda and others.
about our company-ture plc
ture plc is established in 1954 by its  founder- by the dynamic, great & late ethiopian haji ture primarily engaging in selling different essential items to the ethiopian domestic market. then after it expands to the import business activities from various exporting countries mainly from china where our company is the 1 st  & the longest (in terms of years ) importer for chinese products to ethiopia which ultimately creates a close link between our company & the great china peoples  . as it did for the long past years, after assessing & identifying the requirements, taste & preference of the chinese consumers    for long time, our company has decided to introduce & serve the chinese markets with some of the unique specialty flavors of ethiopian coffees.  
some unique quality characteristics of ethiopian specialty coffees that our company currently export to china
yirgacgeffee washed: - uniform, thick, blue in color, oval in shape & generally bold & compact in bean character. similarly, its cup is full body, fine acidity, delicious & floral in flavor. it is known superior quality or specialty coffees.
sidamo washed :- grayish in color, bold & thick in some areas and small to medium in other districts. acidity is medium to full. its unique characteristics is sweet & spicy. it is one of highland grown southern ethiopia garden coffees.
limmu washed:- characterized by uniform bean appearance , blue color, medium to bold & thick in shape. acidity is medium to pointed, body is medium to full, while its unique character is winy
harar dry or natural:-. yellow in color, thick & oval in shape, medium & long bean size. acidity is medium to pointed, body is medium to full. genuine mocha is its unique flavor. generally, harar is one of few internationally known exemplary quality coffees.
djimma dry or natural :- raw is medium to bold, oval & thick where as the cup is attractive , medium acidity , good & pleasant mouth feel.
we sell also other types of coffee
we sell these ethiopian gifts to the world in green/raw, roasted, powdered/grounded methods of final preparations.
2???qahwa house/ruian best, based in china under the brand qhawa is primarily trying to promote & sell ethiopian coffee as per customers order: direct wholesale or retail of top green/raw from its origin-ethiopia. however, we can mainly supply ethiopian top world roasted/ground coffee to our chinese customers (coffee shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, houses, etc at retail & whole sale basis) based on their requirement which are processed & packed from our well equipped roasting coffee plant in china. our company is also currently working very hard to enter into the new international coffee market paradigm of specialty, organic, fair trade & niche markets of usa, japan & european countries.
3???ruian best (tianjin) international trading co., ltd. was established in 2000 as a multi-facetted trading house participating in a variety of industries. its headquarters is located in zhejiang province, one of the largest industrial areas in china. ruian best (tianjin) international trading co., ltd. specializes in the contracting of international engineering projects, the provision and installation of complete manufacturing plants, and the importation and exportation of both heavy and light machinery and equipment.
during the past ten years we have established a well-known international reputation due to our high quality products coupled with reliable service. we have dispatched more then 40,000 engineers, senior engineers, technicians and skilled workers to various sites and projects. not only do we provide complete lnanufacturing plants, we also conduct quality-control inspections to ensure that the plants are properly installed and functioning. it is our dedication to providing high quality products and customer service that has enabled us to established a great business relationship with east african countries, including ethiopia ( a sister company by the name ture plc ) , djibouti, kenya, and sudan.
ii)chinese version
ture pvt ltd. co: company overview
???é?·???é???????? (ture pvt ltd. co) ??????????|???μ
ture pvt. ltd. co., one of ethiopias oldest companies, has successfully operated for over half a century. the company, established in accordance with the commercial code of ethiopia, is engaged in the
???é?·???é???????? (ture pvt ltd. co) ??ˉ??????????ˉ??o??????2???????1???????????1????????·2?????????è?¥?????a?¤?????oa??????????????1?????????????ˉ??o?????3?????????????????o????????????????
l           import and distribution of hardware, machinery and construction supplies and materials. and more currently, it is also establishing large scale industrial units &
l           è????£???é??????o?é???????o??¨??¥?????o?-???¨??????????????????è??????????????è????¨???????¤§è§??¨??·¥???é?¨é?¨??????
l           export activities of agricultural products , such as coffee, sesame
l           ??o??£?????????è??éo??-?????o§???
l           in both lines the company had & is still contributing enormously to ethiopias as well as chinese economic development.  
l             ???????????¨??¤??aè??????????o??????????ˉ??o???¥?????-??????????μ?????±??????o?o??·¨?¤§è′????????1??????¨??o?-¤?????oè′???????
established in 1954 by the late philanthropist haji mohammed a. ture,  as ture chinese commodities . the company has become renowned nationwide, earning the respect of its clients, members of the business community, and individuals from the community at large. after more than 50 years of operating on the belief that providing great service and promoting good will makes for a satisfied customer, the name ture has become synonymous with success, achievement, and more over with charity.
???é?·??-????????? ( ture chinese commodities ) ??±?·2?????????????????????法�????é????·法�?�??é?· (haji mohammed a. ture) ???????o? 1954 ?1′?????????èˉ¥???????·2?o?èa???¨???????1?èμ¢????????¢??·????????????????????¢?????a?oo??????è?′?°?é????? 50 ?¤??1′??¥??????????????′????????????????μ???????????????????èa????é????¢??????????????μ???è?¥????????????é?· (ture) è????a????-??·2?????o?????????????°±???????1?èˉ?????1???′?¤???°?????o???????????£???èˉ????
in addition to its primary focus of agro-industrial equipment importation and distribution, the company also specializes in the design and construction of small, medium and large-scale factories, providing expert consultation throughout the entire process. this includes initial project planning, the execution of factory construction, as well as the provision of the production/manufacturing equipment.
é?¤???é??è????£???é?????????·¥è???¤??¤??????????????1???????è??è???????oè???°??????-????¤§????·¥????????¨??′??aè???¨???-??????????????¨èˉ¢???è??????????????é?1???è§?????????§è???·¥?????oè???????¥???????o?????o§ / ???é??è???¤????
currently our company has engaged in exporting ethiopian organic & best agricultural products to the chinese, such as coffee & sesame
company scope, management system/structure
?????????è?¥è????′??????????3???? / ??????
recognizing the importance of long-term financial health, the companys management has introduced modern business methods to meet the demands of the new millennium. moreover, management has made great strides in diversifying the company and also bringing new investment from abroad to invest in ethiopia and generate new industries that are needed to create jobs in the country. currently ture plc is pioneer in launching the following new subsidiaries, joint ventures, and share companies investing over 200 million usd:
è?¤èˉ???°é?????è′¢????????μè?ˉ?¥????é??è|???§???????????????????±????è???o???°??£????????1?3???¥???è?3??°????1′???é???±?????-¤?¤???????????±?è????¨???????¤???·??????????????°?¤?èμ???¥??????????ˉ??o????èμ???1é?¢???????o?é???¤§è???±?????1??o§?????°è???????o?????????é???°±?????o????????°??¨??????é?·???é???????? (ture pvt ltd. co) ??ˉ??????????????°?-?????????????èμ?????????????è?????????????????é???????????èμ?è????° 200 ??? 000 ??? 000 ?????????
import service lines
v           ture trading in addis ababa : commission agents and real estate developers with over 50,000m 2 of prime land in addis ababa is being developed for both real estate and industrial area. 
v        ??¨?o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′é??é????°??μ??????????????£é?????????????°?o§???????????¥???è??è?? 50,000m2 ????????°???è???o??????°?-£??¨?o???oè???????°?o§????·¥?????o???
v        ture cement factory in dire-dawa, ethiopia: (share company ):this will be the largest private cement factory in the country. the export oriented factory is scheduled to be operational in 2011. in order to meet the growing local demands as well as for potential export: the company was established for the purpose of processing and production of cement
v        ????o???????????ˉ??o???·é?·è????|??????é?· (ture) ?°′?3¥??????è?????????????????è???°???ˉ??????????¤§????§?è?¥?°′?3¥??????èˉ¥?·¥?????¥??o??£??o??????è??????o? 2011 ????§????è?¥?????o???è?3??¥????¢?é??????????°é???±?????????¨?????o??£?????o?????1??????è???????????è??è???°′?3¥????·¥???????o§???
v        ture cotton ginnery and oil products complex in akaki, addis ababa, ethiopia: also one of the largest private ginnery in the country. has been operational for over 7 years. and also expanding in order to meet current demands.
v        ????o???????????ˉ??o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′é???????o??????é?· (ture) ?£?è?±è?§?£?????????3?21?o§???è??????????????è???1???ˉ??????????¤§????§?è?¥è?§?£?????1???????èˉ¥????·2???è?¥ 7 ?1′?¤??????o???è?3??????é???±??1???¨????±???-???
v        core construction materials plc in dire-dawa, ethiopia: (joint venture):ture plc and gongyi cangxi indsutry and commerce development company joint venture;the company was established for the purpose of processing and production of construction materials, produces aggregate materials, machinery rental service, real estate development and manufacturing of house hold & office furniture
v        ????o???????????ˉ??o???·é?·è????|???????????o?-??????????é??????????????èμ????????????????é?· (ture) ???é????????????·??1????è¥????????????????é???????????èμ????????????????èˉ¥?????????????????ˉ????·¥???????o§??o?-??????????????o§éa¨????????????????????o??¨?§?èμ??????????è??è???????°?o§????????¥??????é??????o-???????????¤è???¤????
v        pioneer cement manufacturing plc in dire-dawa, ethiopia: (joint venture):ture plc and hebei pingle flour machinery group co., ltd.;the company was established for the purpose of production of cement with quarry, manufacturing of cement, production of cement electric wire pole cement brick cement pipe.
v        ????o???????????ˉ??o???·é?·è????|??????é???°′?3¥???é???????±???é??????????????èμ????????????????é?· (ture) ???é???????? ????23???è?1?1?é?¢?2???o?¢°é????¢???é???????????èμ????????????????èˉ¥?????????????????ˉ????o§??3????°′?3¥????°′?3¥?????¥???????o§?°′?3¥??μ?o????????°′?3¥???????°′?3¥??????
v        grate wall construction materials manufacturing plc: addis ababa, ethiopia(joint venture):ture plc and hebei pingle flour machinery group co., ltd.;the company is established for the purpose of manufacturing crushed and cement raw material, manufacturing sand and relative finishing production, production of stone with quarry 
v        ????o???????????ˉ??o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′???é???????o?-??????????é?????é??????????????èμ????????????????é?· (ture) ???é????????????23???è?1?1?é?¢?2???o?¢°é????¢???é???????????èμ????????????????èˉ¥?????????????????ˉ????o§?2??¢??°′?3¥??????????2??-????è??è???????3????2?????·¥????o§?????¥???????o§??3?????3???
v        harar furniture p.l.c: addis ababa, ethiopia(joint venture) :ture plc and gongyi cangxi indsutry & commerce development co.;the company will be established for the purpose of manufacturing and assembling of both industrial and private furniture.
v        ????o???????????ˉ??o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′??????????°? (harar) è???¤????é??????????????èμ????????????????é?· (ture) ???é????????????·??1????è¥????????????????é???????????èμ???????????°???????èˉ¥??????è??è?????é?????è£?é???·¥???????°???¨è???¤????
v        ture pharmaceuticals in addis ababa:is one of the few license holder for importing medicine in ethiopia and also distributes all pharmaceutical supplies
v        ????o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′??????é?· (ture) è?ˉ??????????????ˉ??????????ˉ??o??°???°????????????è?ˉ???è????£è????ˉèˉ???????????1????????1?é???????????è?ˉ???????o????
v         ture crusher plant in addis ababa: is currently operational in bole bulbula area. agreement already signed with urban housing development agency of addis ababa to supply the crushed stones. 
v         ????o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′??????é?·??? ture ????¢???3??????????????¨???è?±??????????????°??o???è?¥???èˉ¥????·2???????o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′??????????????oè??é?¨é?¨?-?è?¢???????¢???3??????è?????
v         ture aluminum in addis ababa: has been operational for over 2 years. and commissioned to design the upcoming new buildings in addis ababa and surrounding cities and towns.
v         ????o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′??????é?· (ture) é?????????·2???è?¥ 2 ?1′?¤??????¥????§????è??è???o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′?????¨è?1????????????é???????°??o?-????è???o???o?-???3?°???o??°???
export service lines
v         qahwa coffee house, based in shanghai, china & addis ababa, ethiopia: engaged in export business activities major ethiopian organic agricultural commodities like coffee & sesame 
v         qahwa ??????????????????é?¨????o???-???????μ·?????????????ˉ??o??o??????ˉ?o?è′??·′???????o???????????ˉ??o??????????è??éo??-????è|??????o????o§????????o??£?????????
the company utilizes an organizational structure that enhances the daily business activities. the general assembly of share holders serves as the decision making body with regards to the long term and strategic vision of the organization, while the general manager directs the companys day-to-day operations. the company is organized into four main departments each with four sections.
the companys structure is simple and clear, with defined responsibilities assigned to each position, while allowing room for joint responsibilities and decision-making at every level of management. this enables each department to act independently without losing sight of the implications each decision has on each of the other departments within the company. furthermore, in bypassing many of the unnecessary hindrances associated with a complex chain of command and a large bureaucracy, the company has achieved extraordinary results making best use of the existing, experienced man power at the firms top management level.
based on the memorandum of association and related articles, the top management of the company is comprised of the general manager and department heads. hired, professional employees hold the remaining positions. 
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  • Product Origin: CHINA/ETHIOPIA
  • PriceTerms: Negotiable
  • Supply Ability: Program will be communicated
  • GENERAL WORK PLAN ON THE BASIC TARINING ON COFFEE CUP TASTING 1. Tabular representation of the work plan No...

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