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Exfuze Seven Plus The Healthiest Drink On Earth

  • Mineral Water
  • Florida United States
Ms.Mr.   Neece

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  • Superior Designs, LLC
  • United States United States
  • Ms.Mr.   Neece
  • 1-520-579
  • Manufacture
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Product Details
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  • Model No.: 1
  • Product Name: Exfuze Seven Plus The Healthiest Drink On Earth
  • Product Origin: Florida United States
  • PriceTerms: 45
  • Supply Ability: 500 Ounce Per Week


detailed introduction to exfuze seven plus the healthiest drink on earth:

efuze seven plus is the healthiest dietary supplement on earth with acai, noni, mangosteen, sea buckthorn, fucoidan, goji, gac + pomegranite, aloe, bluberries, and organic concord grapes.

pure extracts

organically grown

no added sugar

no caffiene or caffiene by-products

no sodium benzoate.

the deep orange, spiny gac fruit is harvested at the end of the rainy season throughout southeast asia: thailand, china and malaysia. known in traditional chinese as the mubiezi, the fruits vibrant color makes it easy to spot amidst the lush greenery.

the vietnamese have christened the gac fruit from heaven. they cherish the amazing results of its nutrition, and savor it during its brief seasonseptember through december. the gac is part of their traditional feastsserved at weddings and during the lunar new year celebrations.

smooth skin and bright eyes have been attributed to this revered gac fruitand science now backs those beliefs.

the mysterious amazon rain forest holds many healing secrets. one of these powerful healing botanicals is the acai berry. pronounced ah-sigh-ee, this berry has long been regarded by natives as the most powerful nutrition in the forest.

the dark purple berries are almost an inch in diameter, and for thousands of years the healers of the amazon have used it to treat a variety of illnesses. the local tribes believe the berries have phenomenal healing powers.

journeying to the himalayan mountains and the valleys of tibet, we discover the potent goji berry (lycium barbarum). this culture has known the effectiveness of this small, crimson berry for thousands of years.
its nutrition is legendary among these people, who have used it to maintain active, healthy lifestyles and startling longevity.

throughout the himalayans, generations have attributed their long life-spans to the goji berry.

over 2,000 years ago, the noni fruits distinctive flavor and aroma singled it out to explorers.

along with a taste for this fruit, these asian travelers acquired knowledge of the healing virtues of the nonis stems, leaves and fruits themselves.

this information, long known to practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, would soon begin to transform another culture.

the explorers carried the noni fruit to the polynesian islands, and its healing virtues became part of the cultures legends and mythology.

rooted in the pristine, sparkling waters of the south pacific is an astonishing brown seaweed.

this miraculous plant has been cherished by the southern pacific cultures for centuries.

they attribute their long lives and glowing health to this plant.

warm, clear waters produce this amazing sea vegetable in abundance, and it is the most heralded food in the east.

its secret? a nutrient called fucoidan modern science marvels at how closely its nutrition resembles human breast milk.

growing in the southeast asian tropics is a fruit so prized it is known as the queen of fruits. the harvest of this fruit, the mangosteen, occurs twice each year.

local residents anticipate and then celebrate these harvests.

the mild, exquisitely-flavored, snow-white flesh of the mangosteen is enveloped in a gorgeous, thick, purple rind.

healers down through the ages, as well as modern locals, revere it not just for its flavor, but for its amazing restorative and medicinal properties.

the mountainous regions of russia and china are home to a hardy, golden berry known as the seabuckthorn. the effects of its potent nutrition are legendary in these regions.

its renown inspired 8th century tibetan doctor yu yuendan gongbu to study this berry, and since then its value has been mastered by that culture.

in fact, ghengis khan, the 13th century conqueror, was aware of the astonishing nutrition of the berry. he is said to have attributed the might and vitality of his warriors, in part, to seabuckthorn.

exfuzes philosophy is two-fold. first, to create synergy from the combination of ingredients, second, to approach each extract of seven+ as if it were the sole supporting nutrition of the drink. each ingredient is either organically grown or wild-crafted for optimum purity and potency. exfuze has combined the powerful nutrition of these seven superfoods also known as functional foods with four other potent ingredients known as the plus factor of seven+. these four are renowned in our society for their antioxidant and healing properties:

water of life
as the final touch to the fusion of these amazing ingredients, exfuze has used structure water as the foundation of seven+. structured water is similar to the fluid found in healthy cells. with a higher ph, structured water can be more easily absorbed by your body.

for more info call 520-579-1519

Exfuze Seven Plus The Healthiest Drink On Earth
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Exfuze Seven Plus The Healthiest Drink On Earth
Ms.Mr.   Neece
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