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GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITINE & MSM Tablet Health Functional Food

Mr.Sadik Yuksel

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  • Model No.: M00097
  • Product Name: GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITINE & MSM Tablet Health Functional Food
  • Product Origin: Turkey Istanbul
  • Standard: GMP, ISO
  • Brand Name: Shiffa Home
  • PriceTerms: Ex-works
  • Supply Ability: No limit


  Glocosamine 3d
Product Description

   shiffahome Logo


Glucosamine & Chondroitin & MSM Tablet


1150 mg



Glocosamine Label



Dietary Supplement Containing  


Glucosamine&Chondroitine&MSM Tablet


1150 mg





Shiffa Home


Dietary Supplement Containing  Glucosamine&Chondroitine&MSM

Ingredients of Dietary Supplement Contains  Glucosamin&Chondroitine&MSM(For 2 tablets)

Glucosamine sulfate(1333mg), MSM (Methyl sulphonyl methane:300mg),  Anti-caking agent (Microcrystalline cellulose, Lactose monohydrate),  Chondroitin sulfate:80mg,  Carrier(PVP(  Polyvinylpyrrolidone),   Modified starch, Bromelain extract (60mg),  Anti-caking agent (Magnesium stearate)


Recommended to take 2 times daily by 1 tablet after meal times.


Store away from heat, light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.



-           Made in Turkey

-           Consumed as a Dietary Supplement.

-           Do not exceed the recommended intake daily.

-           Food supplements do not replace the normal daily feeding.

-           Not for medicinal use in any treatment and healing purpose.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have any medical condition, please consult your doctor before taking any food supplement.


1150 mg x 90 tablet = 103.5ge

Carton : 6 packs



Glocosamine Logo Glocosamine Ingredients





1150 mg


Osteoarthritis (calcification) is seen with the advancing ages especially at knees and hip joints.


This formula developed with Glucosamine, Chondroitine, MSM and pineapple extract, has a supportive role to decrease the arthralgia (joint pains), to improve the cartilaginous tissue and decreasing the complaints about back pain which is caused by osteoarthritis. 

Pineapple extract, can assist to decrease the pain during infection and physical injuries and injuries of sports.


Additionally, it can be used for supportive purposes to disintegrate the fibrins causing thromboses in blood vessels. 

Chondroitine is produced by purifying the extract of cartilage of dog fishes, and in no manner contains pork and pork products.


Chondroitine is an important substance for replenishment of cartilaginous tissue, bones and tendons.


Particularly it is possible to recommend to be used as supportive for decreasing the pains caused by osteoarthritis and enforcement. 

Glucosamine in its content is a significant agent for developing of the cartilaginous tissue of the body. Corn starch Glucosamine is not allergen comparing with the sea shell Glucosamine. 

MSM known as organic sulphur source, may assist the development of the muscle and skeleton functions and also collagen formation. 

Pineapple extract which is obtained by purification of pineapple, can assist to decrease the pain during infection and physical injuries and injuries of sports.


Additionally, it can be used for supportive purposes to disintegrate the fibrins causing thromboses in blood vessels. 

Suggested Use : 
Recommended to take 1-2 tablets daily , preferably after the meals for adults.



Packaging & Shipping

Package : 1150 mg x 90 tablet = 103.5ge

Carton    : 6 packs





Company Information
Address  Kavakli Mah. Kuzey Cad. No: 5 , Beylikduzu - ISTANBUL / TURKIYE  
Tel  00 90 212 671 55 47 (Pbx) 
Fax 00 90 212 671 55 28 
Contact   Mr. Sadik Yuksel Export Manager  
Status of the Company  Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Foundation   1989                            Production Site (M2) : 10.000 M2 Covered Area.                  
Products Range  For Hyper & Supermarkets : 
1) Honey Group :  Multi-Flowery, Pine and Chestnut Honey , Practical Use, Comb Honey and Special High Plateau Honey
2) Molasses :  Grape, Mulberry, Carob Molasses Juniper and Apricot Molasses , Date Molasses etc.
3) Herbal Teas :  7 functional herbal mixed teas and 16 single herbal teas. 
4) Other items:  Vitalest gel and herbal mixtures for sportmen , New ones coming soon. 
For Herbal and Spice-selling Shops : 
1) Slimming Products Group : Avicenna Forms in Paste & Powder , Herbal SLIMMING TEA
2) Apicultural Products  : Unadulterated Creamy Royal Jelly , Untreated Bee Pollen in Granules , Bee Propolis.
3) Herb+Spices+Honey Mixtures  : Power Pastes for adults & Kids. Honey+Bitter Melon+Some Herbs Mixture (especially for gastritis , stomach patients) for Bronchitis & Hemorrhoid complaints , Weight-controle Paste etc. 
4) Vitality Products  : Honey+Pollen+Royal Jelly+Ginseng+Propolis Mixtures for Men , Women and Kids.
5) Herbal Aromatic Waters : Aromatic Thyme Water , Nettle Water , Chamomile Water , Rose Water , Lavender Water , Aniseed Water , Rosemary Water , Sage Water , Marjoram Water , Olive Leaf Water , Peppermint Water
6) Ground Products :  Ground Grape Seeds , Flax Seeds , Nettle Seeds , Nigella Seeds , Milk Thistle , St. John's Wort etc..
For Pharmacies & Health Stores : 
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4) Natural Single Oils:  Trout Oil, Sweet Almond, Walnut, Pine Turpentine , Black Sesame, Flax Seed, Cocoa, Garlic, Seed, Grape Seed, Mustard , Pumpkin Seed , St.John's Wort , Castorbean , Avocado, Carrot Seed, Coconut, Wheat Germ, Nettle Seed, Apricot Kernel, Garlic, Jojoba, Melissa, Juniper , Clove , Lavander , Sage , Peppermint, Orange, Eucalyptus, Violet, Rosemary, Laurel Leaf, Chamomile , Balsam oil , Lemon Kernel , Fennel , Jasmine , Ginger ,  Thyme, Rose , Marigold , Sandalwood , Blue Anemone , Olive , Hazelnut , Pomegranate Seed , Sage , Argan oils etc... 
4) Care Oils:  RMT oil (for Rheumatism) , Hair Care oil , Skin care oil , BSR oil (for Hemorrhoid) , Anti-Cellulite oil , Sun Block oil , Cabbage oil for adults and Gas Remover oil for Babies , 
5) Soaps :  Fibrous soap with Honey & R.Jelly , Apricot oil-Soap , Nettle oil-Soap , Bittim oil-Soap, Almond oil-Soap , Sulphur Soap , Natural Sponge-Soaps (7 types) , Cold Pressed-Soaps (12 types)
6) Creams :  Care creams with Honey & Royal Jelly , with Blue Anemon , with Apricot oil , with Almond oil and Synake Eye Contour creams , Grape seed cream , Snail cream , Calendula Cream , Limon kernel oil-Cream , Day care cream. 
7) Shampoos :  Care Shampoo with Honey & R. Jelly , Shampoo with Olive and Daphne oil , Nettle & Garlic Shampoos. 
Online Catalogs     AVICENNA  Herbal & Food Supplements 
  SHIFFA HOME Natural & Herbal Aromatic Oils 
  SOFTEM  Natural Caring Series 
Main Export Items Honey Group , Nutritious Power Pastes , Slimming Products , Mixtured Nuts with Honey , Molasses , Apicultural Products , Honey+R.Jelly+Polen Mixtures , Aromatic Water Varieties , Pomegranate Sauces , Herbal Teas , Pharmaceutical Products such as Syrups , Capsules &Tablets, Natural Aromatic and Massage Oils , Creams , Soaps , Shampoos. 
Main Export Markets  Germany , England , Libya , USA , Algeria , Jordan , U.A.E. , S.Arabia , Poland , Canada , North Cyprus , Kuwait , Iraq , Azerbaijan , Holland , Tunisia , Yemen , Australia , France , Malaysia , Bahrain , Qatar , Russia.
International Fairs Participated 1 )  ANUGA  in Cologne / GERMANY
2 )  SIAL  in Paris /  FRANCE
3 )  FANCY FOOD  in New York / USA
4 )  SIAL MIDDLE EAST  , Abu Dhabi / S. ARABIA
6 )  SIAL CHINA  , Shangai - CHINA 
Global Acceptability of the Products We have the following Certifications internationally ; 

1 )  ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Certificates

2) GMP Good Manufacturer Practices Certificate

3 )  HACCP  (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points)  by WCS.
4 ) International  Gold Star  For Quality by Business Initiative Directions (BID) in 2002.
5 )  FDA No  : 18806943380  (Food and  Drug Administration of USA).
6 )  TSE  (Turkish Standards Institute for Quality)
Our Brands AKSU VITAL : Generally used for basic products.
AVICENNA  : Food & Nutritional Supplements in Capsules , Tablets and Syrups for Pharmacies. 
SHIFFA HOME : Tablets,Capsules&Aromatic Oils for Herbal & Spice Selling Shops&Pharmacies and herbal teas.
VITALEST :  Items for Sportmen
SOFTEM  : For personal care creams , soaps , shampoos and massage oils. 
Commercial Presence in the Local Market Aksu Vital has 40 distributors in countrywide. Additionally , Aksu Vital Natural & Healthy Products can be easily found at more than 3500 sales points throughout Turkey , including Cosmetic and Health Stores , Herbal and Pharmacy shops.  



gmp-kozmetik gmp-gda  


OEM Service

We can develop your private label. OEM service available. Please contact for more details.

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GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITINE & MSM Tablet Health Functional Food
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GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITINE & MSM Tablet Health Functional Food
Mr.Sadik Yuksel
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