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Hearth baked bread

  • Breads
Mr.Mr. Sir or Madam

Supplier Details

  • Piantedosi Baking Company, Inc.
  • United States United States
  • Mr.Mr. Sir or Madam
  • 1-781-321
  • Trading Company  
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Product Details
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Item specifics

  • Product Name: Hearth baked bread


english muffin 2.0 oz. c126 12/12's-144
light rye loaf (sliced) 40 oz. c168 6 bulk

baked dinner items include french breads, mini french rolls and crusty dinner rolls. soft baked rolls include cracked wheat, potato, sesame or unseeded white dinner rolls, finger rolls and a variety of loaf breads including ryes and hand breaded scali.

product description unit wt. code pack
dinner rolls      
french roll 1.50 oz. c81 10/12's - 120
mini french roll 1.25 oz. c82 96 bulk
soft seeded dinner roll 1.00 oz. c86 8/24's-192
soft cracked wheat dinner roll 1.00 oz. c87 8/24's-192
finger roll 1.00 oz. c88 8/24's-192
soft dinner roll (unseeded) 1.00 oz. c96 8/24's-192
rustic herb ciabatta stick 1.50 oz. c296 180 bulk
crusty hard dinner roll 1.25 oz. c307 3/60's-180
soft potato dinner roll 1.00 oz. c393 8/24's-192
assorted dinner rolls      
assorted soft dinner rolls
48 each: finger, wheat, white (n/s), white seeded

1.00 oz. c98 8/24's-192
avellino assorted dinner rolls
50 each: tuscan, ciabatta stick, potato, dill

1.50 oz. c272 4/50's-200
international assorted dinner rolls (parbaked)
50 each: multigrain, marble rye, pumpernickel, hushpuppy

1.25 oz. c275 4/50's-200
assorted dinner rolls (parbaked)
60 each: onion dill, sourdough, wheat

1.50 oz. c308 3/60's-180
banquet french assorted dinner rolls (parbaked)
50 each: onion dill, sourdough, wheat, french

1.00 oz. c436 4/50's-200
loaf breads      
english muffin 2.0 oz. c126 12/12's-144
light rye loaf (sliced) 40 oz. c168 6 bulk
dark rye loaf (sliced) 40 oz. c169 6 bulk
marble rye loaf (sliced) 40 oz. c170 6 bulk
oval sourdough loaf (sliced) 40 oz. c171 6 bulk
club wheat loaf (sliced) 32 oz. c211 8 bulk
club white loaf (sliced)
product type: bread texture: hard flour: rye
flavor: spices & herbs packaging: bulk
Hearth baked bread
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par-baked bread

par-baked bread

  • Product Name: par-baked bread
  • There is a science to breadmaking - the ingredients, the temperature, the timing-but more importantly, there is the art DINNER ROLLS Petit Pain Roll 2.00 oz. C183 150 Bulk Marble Rye 1.50 oz. C298 3/60's-180 French 1.25 oz. C301 3/60's-180 Honey Wheat 1.50 oz. C302 3/60's-180 Sourdough 1.50 oz. C303 3/60's-180 onion dill 1.50 oz. C304 3/60's-180 Tomato Basil 1.50 oz. C305 3/60's-180 Mini Pumpernickel Roll 1.00 oz. C306 180 Bulk Banquet French Dinner Rolls 1.00 oz. C435 4/50's-200 ASSORTED DINNER ROLLS Avellino Assorted Dinner Rolls (Fully Baked) 50 Each: Tuscan, Ciabatta Stick, Potato, Dill 1.50 oz. C272 4/50's-200 International Assorted Dinner Rolls 50 Each: Multigrain, Marble Rye, Pumpernickel, Hushpuppy 1.25 oz. C275 4/50's-200 Assorted Dinner Rolls 60 Each: Onion Dill, Sourdough, Wheat 1.50 oz. C308 3/60's-180 Banquet French Assorted Dinner Rolls 50 Each: Onion Dill, Sourdough, Wheat, French 1.00 oz. C436 4/50's-200 FULLY BAKED DINNER ROLLS Mini French Roll 1.25 oz. C82 96 Bulk Rustic Herb Ciabatta Stick 1.50 oz. C296 180 Bulk Crusty Hard Dinner Roll 1.25 oz. C307 3/60's-180 bread STICKS French Bread Sticks 1.50 oz. C389 120 Bulk Garlic Herb Bread Sticks 1.50 oz. C390 120 Bulk SANDWICH ROLLS 7" French Roll 3.25 oz. C187 72 Bulk 11" French Mini Baguette 5.00 oz. C219 50 Bulk 7.5" Sourdough Sandwich Roll 3.25 oz. C319 72 Bulk 12" White Submarine 7.25 oz. C333 8/6's-48 12" Wheat Submarine 7.25 oz. C496 8/6's-48 9" White Submarine 4.30 oz. C903PIA 50 Bulk TABLE breads - BOULES French Mini 5.00 oz. C155 48 Bulk French Demi 8.00 oz. C174 36 Bulk TABLE BREADS - LOAVES Mini Marble Loaf 9.50 oz. C231 32 Bulk French Parisienne 14.00 oz. C310 21 Bulk Honey Wheat Loaf 5.00 oz. C388 60 Bulk Neapolitan Original Ciabatta 10.00 oz. C402 40 Bulk Neapolitan Herb Ciabatta Product Type: Bread Texture: Hard Flour: Rye Flavor: Honey Packaging: Bulk

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    Submarine rolls  bread

    Submarine rolls bread

  • Product Name: Submarine rolls bread
  • Submarine rolls are a rich-flavored hearth specialty. Available in a variety of lengths HEARTH BAKED SUBMARINE ROLLS 6" Submarine Roll 2.50 oz. C76 18/6's-108 6" Submarine Roll - Sliced 2.50 oz. C76-s 18/6's-108 6" Blunt End Submarine Roll 2.50 oz. C395 12/6's-72 6.5" Sandwich Roll 3.00 oz. C468 72 bulk 7.5" Sandwich Roll 3.25 oz. C318 12/6's-72 8" Submarine Roll 3.25 oz. C73 12/6's-72 8" Submarine Roll - Sliced 3.25 oz. C73-s 12/6's-72 9" Submarine Roll 4.10 oz. C135 12/6's-72 10" Submarine Roll 4.25 oz. C70 10/6's-60 12" Submarine Roll 5.25 oz. C95 8/6's-48 12" Wheat Submarine Roll 5.25 oz. C137 8/6's-48 PAN BAKED SUBMARINE ROLLS 6" Pan Baked Submarine Roll 2.00 oz. C257 12/6's-72 8" Pan Baked Submarine Roll 3.50 oz. C258 12/6's-72 10" Pan Baked Submarine Roll 4.50 oz. C259 10/6's-60 12" Pan Baked Submarine Roll 5.00 oz. C260 8/6's-48 FRENCH Bread s - MINI BAGUETTES 9" Mini-Baguette 3.50 oz. C369 50 Bulk 24" French bread 12.00 oz. C84 24 Bulk Slab Sliced Italian Bread 15.00 oz. C445 20 Bulk 12" Mini-Baguette Product Type: Bread Flour: Wheat Packaging: Bulk

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    Hearth baked bread
    Mr.Mr. Sir or Madam
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