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  • Coolex Industries Ltd
  • India India
  • Mr.Narayana.P
  • 91-98488874-67
  • < 20
  • Manufacture
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  • Product Name: ice-gola-crusher
  • Product Origin: India


ice gola crusher


there are three types of electric ice gola machines. each has an electric motor which drives either the bowl or the paddle to stir the mixture. ice gola manufacturer the major difference between the three is in how the cooling is performed. counter-top machines use a double-walled bowl which contains between the two walls a solution that freezes below the snow cone syrup point of water. ice cube maker this is frozen in a domestic freezer for up to 24 hours before the machine is needed. once frozen, the bowl is put into the machine, the mixture is added and the machine is switched on. the paddles rotate, stirring the mixture as it gradually freezes through contact with the frozen bowl. twenty to thirty minutes later, the solution between the double walls of the bowl has thawed, and the snowball machine has frozen. snow cone equipment the advantage of this type of electric machine is low cost, typically under $100. the disadvantage of the pre-frozen bowl approach is that only one batch can be made at a time. to make another batch, the bowl must be frozen again. for this reason, it is usually possible to buy extra bowls for the machine, but of course these take up a lot of freezer space.

small freezer-unit machines sit inside the freezer (or the freezer part of the refrigerator), and operate similar to a food processor in slow-motion. the paddles turn every few seconds to stir the mixture enough to prevent large ice crystals from forming. when the snowball machine has frozen sufficiently, the paddles automatically stop rotating and lift up. snow cone cart as the mixture is cooled simply through being in the freezer, it takes longer to freeze than other types of snow cone machines, which work by placing the snowball machine bowl in direct contact with the cooling element. a disadvantage is that the freezer door has to be closed over the flat cord, which is plugged into the nearest power point outside, though some modern refrigerators have a built-in ice-cream maker as an accessory or a specialized electrical plug for use with certain freezer-unit machines.

snow making machine the advantage of this type of snow cone machine is that no pre-snow cone syrup of the appliance is necessary. ice gola cart however, some people feel that this type of machine produces a lower-quality snowball machine because of its slow-motion method. table top ice gola crusher it's also possible to get cordless, battery-operated ice-cream makers which can be placed directly in the freezer, though these tend to require expensive non-rechargeable potassium batteries (most rechargeable batteries or regular alkaline cells perform very poorly at low temperature). we are sold ice crusher machine india vadodara,agra,varanasi,nashik,mirat,haora,pimpri,allahabad,amritsar,visakhapatnam,rajkot,jabalpur,koyampattur madurai ,srinagar,sholapur,ranchi,jodhpur,gwalior,vijayawada,chandigarh,guwahati,hubli,tiruchchirappalli



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