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Illy Coffee Espresso-Grounded

  • Coffee
  • Greece
Mr.Mr. sakis stravelas

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  • coffee-world
  • Greece Greece
  • Mr.Mr. sakis stravelas
  • 30-23310-64811
  • Trading Company,
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Product Details
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Item specifics

  • Model No.: Illy Espresso
  • Product Name: Illy Coffee Espresso-Grounded
  • Product Origin: Greece
  • Brand Name: Illy Espresso
  • PriceTerms: EUR 6.5 - 7


illy espresso was rated number one by stiftung warentest

illy espresso was rated number one by stiftung warentest (independent german consumer support organisation).

illy roasters in trieste count among the best renowned roasters in italy. that is why illy does all it can to offer every brand in the best constant quality possible. illy miscela oro espresso produced by illycaff�spa in trieste is made exclusively of the best arabica coffees from various origins and is the somewhat milder german roast.

it boasts a fine dense auburn-coloured crema. the flavour encompasses many facets such as hazelnut, fruits and pleasant wood notes. its presence is felt long with elegant rich overtones. according to illy its caffeine content is less than 0.5% which makes it very agreeable for your stomach
coffee type: espresso processing type: roasted packaging: can (tinned)
place of origin: greece brand name: illy espresso model number: illy espresso
coffee bean: arabica flavor: fruit
Illy Coffee Espresso-Grounded
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  • Segafredo coffee Espresso-Intermezzo The best selling Segafredo and justifiably so. A strong coffee with spicy aroma, structure and excellent richness. No intermezzo but rather an excellent coffee for every occasion. When it was still only sold in Italy this blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees was simply called Tradizionale Rossa, especially since it is one of the oldest recipes from Segafredo. For many years Segafredo Intermezzo was the only espresso available as beans in Germany; it has done the groundwork for todays espresso wave. This coffee and Segafredo must be praised for this job. Segafredo Intermezzo is mostly used in coffee machines in major offices as it also boasts a good price-performance ratio. One can say Segafredo Intermezzo is a relatively strong and spicy coffee with a good structure and full-bodied aromas and presence. Coffee Type: Blended Packaging: Can (Tinned) Place of Origin: Greece Brand Name: Segafredo Coffee Espresso - Interme... Model Number: Segafredo Coffee Espresso - Inter... Coffee Bean: Arabica

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  • Kimbo Espresso Top Quality is the absolutely original Italian espresso, there is no better one Kimbo Espresso Top Quality is the absolutely original Italian espresso, there is no better one. Kimbo Espresso Top Quality is a blend of the best high-grown Arabica coffees from Central and South America. The exact name of this coffee is Kimbo Espresso Gusto Delizioso e Piacevole. It is best suited for short black espressos or, because of its enormous richness, for mixed drinks with Milk such as Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. I would not recommend Kimbo Espresso Top Quality to sensitive people for breakfast unless you have an appointment with your boss first thing. Kimbo Espresso Top Quality gets your temperament, fire and passion into top gear in less than a wink. It is the ultimate top-quality espresso in the Italian market at the moment. It runs out of the machine like black ink and spreads an aroma and fragrance that will make you ecstatic. What a fantastic coffee with this excellent aroma, full-bodied, elegant and spicy, powerful and a treat down to the last drop. Mamma mia, what an after-dinner treat. Like with all Kimbo coffees in Germany we are almost the exclusive importer of Kimbo Espresso Top Quality and have extended our range by adding the ground brands in 250g-tins. However, if you like a full body and aroma yet want it somewhat lighter we recommend Kimbo Espresso Gold Gran Miscela. There are many beautiful Italian cities with tradition such as Rome, Venice, Milan and Turin. Yet, further South there is a city where time apparently stood still, i.e. Naples. Unfortunately, many people have a completely wrong picture when thinking of Naples on the slopes of Vesuvius. They link Naples with the Mafia and crime and view it as a chaotic city where nothing works properly. Yet, there is something in that city which definitely works, i.e. the citizens love of coffee or better espresso. Coffee culture and their daily espresso are as much part of Neapolitan culture as being jolly, laid-back and passionate. Neapolitans are very critical with it for espresso is not espresso. There are many kinds, ways of preparing and drinking it. Traditionally Espresso Corto with little water and much coffee and Espresso Lungo with a little more water are the favourites of the Neapolitans which does not mean that they do not fancy Caffe Latte or Caffe Macchiato; they just do not like them that much. On top of that Neapolitans who really enjoy life swear by their Caffe Kimbo, a coffee roaster based in Naples. Caffe Kimbo is the company for Neapolitans that represents their coffee culture. Owing to the fact that in Naples almost everyone has their own regular bar where they feel well and, of course, have their best espresso there are about 500 to 600 coffee bars. It is really conspicuous that coffee bars in the South are clearly distinct from those in the North of the country. While in the North people sit down you have to stand up in the South and mainly in Naples. Going to a coffee bar is a regular ritual: you enter a bar, have a coffee and a glass of water (you always order a coffee and a glass of water) and go back to your work. This way Neapolitans easily have 3 or 4 espressos a day. They simply take that time and enjoy their coffee. And at prices between 70 and 90 cents per cup this is also an affordable pleasure. Those who have no time or think espresso does not taste that well in a bar make their coffee at home. Each household in Naples has their small espresso machine, cafetiere or Bialetti Moka Express. This little stainless steel machine makes a heavenly espresso in no time. The cafetiere is used every morning because the first thing that comes to a Neapolitans mind is a freshly brewed espresso which they mostly have with milk. You do not leave house before you have had some coffee. There is a saying in Naples about how an espresso should taste: it should be like three Cs, comme cazzo coce which in English means Its darn hot. The typical Naples coffee bar layout is rather solid if not even old-fashioned, without any knickknacks. A small bar, a few snacks, two to three employees and bobs your uncle. If you like it bigger and more modern you have to go to a Bar Pasticceria. What, of course, should not be missing is a Barista. A Barista in a suit hasting from office to office with a tray in his hand is simply there to serve coffee to those who cannot leave office. They are not to be mistaken with what we know as Barista, namely the person working behind the bar making drinks. Sell-by-date from day of roasting: 18 months Coffee Type: Blended Processing Type: Roasted Packaging: Cup Place of Origin: Greece Brand Name: Kimbo Espresso Model Number: Kimbo Espresso Top Quality Coffee Bean: Arabica

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    Illy Coffee Espresso-Grounded
    Mr.Mr. sakis stravelas
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