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  • Malaysia
Mr.Mr. hazlan hussain

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  • True Zabiha Enterprise
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Mr.Mr. hazlan hussain
  • 60-019-3877088
  • Fewer than 5 People
  • Trading Company,
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Product Details
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Item specifics

  • Model No.: Talbinah (Hordeum Valgare)
  • Product Name: Talbinah
  • Product Origin: Malaysia
  • Brand Name: Talbinah
  • PriceTerms: US $80 / Carton
  • Supply Ability: 20 Carton/Cartons per Week


talbinah - cereal made from syaeer beans with milk & honey. 1 box = 15sachets (25g), 1 carton = 24boxes

talbinah is a drink made from beans syaeer (hordeum valgare) with the skin, it is mixed with milk and honey to add sweetness. this drink is named talbinah because of the color of milk. it is used as a nutritional supplement and as an alternative treatment of various chronic diseases are now treated by modern methods is difficult. talbinah contain ingredients such as: b glucane that serves to reduce blood cholesterol, vitamin e, which can weaken the enzymes that synthesize cholesterol, and contains potassium which lowers blood pressure functional, contains a functional melatonin lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, treat parkinson's , increase the resistance of the body, cure insomnia, cure cancer and treat depression. it also contains a lysine that works to build healthy bodies, the minerals that work to develop healthy body, stimulate the immune system and regulate the production of hormones from the glands. in addition it also contains fiber (fiber), vitamins a, c, d, e and b complex and other materials needed by the human body.
as talbinah contain ingredients that are good for health and so many benefits, the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him)  has  recommended the use of talbinah to solve a variety of diseases, whether related to physical or mental, including the:
1) calming heart patients talbinah is a nutritious beverage, its gentle and easily digested. it is very good for calming the liver of patients. talbinah also very good to be drunk by the patient has recovered from the disease, when patients are still in a state of illness and healing (an naqahah). the prophet said, 'you shall provide talbinah and give him a drink talbinah (narrated by imam ahmad)

2) helps eliminate sadness and depression (depression) there is a hadith that the prophet has recommended the use of talbinah for their misfortune. narrated aisha ra that in the event of death among members of his family, he asked to be carried talbinah and cooked, and bread made from syaeer (tharid) and then poured over tharid talbinah, then he said to the women who attended: eat this bread, because i heard the messenger of allah said: meaning: "talbinah to soothe the hearts of patients, it can alleviate the grief" (bukhari and muslim). and the prophet said about this talbinah, meaning: "indeed talbinah to strengthen the hearts of those who suffer the pain and clean the patient's heart, as a cleaning up of your face." among the substances that can fight depression (depression) that are found in talbinah amino acids, minerals, vitamin b and antioxidant.
3) treatment of diseases of digestive system talbinah to strengthen the stomach and enhance its ability to digest and eliminate pain. messenger says: "should you use a preferred but not bearing the talbinah, by my life that are in the power of god, surely he (talbinah) must cleanse your stomach as a cleanse dirt from her face" (narrated by ibn majah) talbinah helps treat diseases such as diseases of the digestive system of the old constipation, control of colorectal cancer, control of disease celiac disease (a disease that prevents the function of small vessels in the stomach from absorbing fats, vitamins and nutrients needed by the body) and treat obesity and treat dangerous diseases are born to fatness.
4) helps reduce blood cholesterol   cholesterol in the blood moves through the transportation system of the body is called fat proteins (lipoproteins). the role of cholesterol is essential that the transport of fat in the bloodstream to all destinations of the body, because fat can not be circulating in the blood vessel itself. normally, this transport system running smoothly, but if too much fatty food, the body needs more cholesterol to mengerakkannya, the cholesterol will increase. lipoproteins are divided into two types, namely ldl bad cholesterol known as happy as fragments embedded in the walls of blood vessels, and hdl cholesterol is known as well where it works to find and save the chips attached to the wall of ldl blood vessels and the heart and bring it back to recycling . studies done show that talbinah is to minimize the level of bad cholesterol in human blood.
5) talbinah can overcome high blood pressure hypertension is a condition in which blood pressure occurs on the walls of blood vessels. talbinah to overcome the disease because it is rich in potassium balance the functioning of the body salt and water. besides launching talbinah function of urine to release the body of the excess liquid.
6) talbinah can lower blood sugar talbinah rich in fiber (fiber) of soluble and insoluble fiber (soluble & insoluble fibers) is needed by the body. fiber-fiber control the sugar and fat in the blood.
7) controls cancer and delay aging as talbinah rich in fiber (fiber), antioxidants and vitamins, it can overcome the problems involved in the movement of oxygen in the body alone can be a source of cancer diseases. the study made by a group of doctors from the university of waskingson in the united states proves that talbinah can overcome the cancer. besides the rich content of vitamin a in talbinah also help control the spread of cancer.
8) talbinah can overcome insomnia talbinah helps overcome insomnia because it contains hormones prostaglofin, a hormone that causes sleep. when the production of this hormone occurs naturally in the body, then the problem of insomnia can be prevented.  talbinah helps enable the production of hormones that prevent prostaglofin insomnia.
9) strengthen the immune system talbinah play an important role to solve the problem of collisions between oxygen molecules and indigestive fatty cells against the cell wall causing damage to body cells. oxygen particles normally paired are sometimes separated, and when combining, collisions occure with fatty cells. anti-oxidants found in talbinah will activate the immune system to protect the cells' wall from germs. separated oxygen particles that accumulates on the walls of blood vessels it can narrow the blood vessels and if it accumulates on the skin it can cause rapid aging and wrinkling of the skin and if they gather in the brain it can weaken the memory and is likely to be remove the memory. vitamin a and e are abundant in talbinah to solve this problem from occurring.

product type: cereal origin: syaeer beans (hordeum valgare) processing type: instant
style: instant feature: gluten-free, low-fat, sugar-free packaging: box, sachet
fat content (%): 0 cooking time: instant weight (kg): 0.375
place of origin: malaysia brand name: talbinah model number: talbinah (hordeum valgare)
certification: gmp talbinah: hordeum valgare
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Mr.Mr. hazlan hussain
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