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Mr.Mr. In-Sung Park

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  • In Sung Corporation
  • Korea Korea
  • Mr.Mr. In-Sung Park
  • 82-02-749
  • Trading Company  
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toothfish(mero), squid, krill, ice fish

   products : frozen toothfish(mero), frozen squid, frozen krill, frozen boiled krill, frozen icefish etc.all products be fished by in sung with attractive quality in fresh frozen fish  
product type: fish style: fresh processing: frozen
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Mero' Story  Fish

Mero' Story Fish

  • Product Name: Mero' Story Fish
  • HS CODE 0305699000 Descriptions The Mero is a high class fish for various foods including Shshi since it has very food taste and smell and found only in the deep antarctic ocean. However the production and supply are limited by its unique ecology. The mere is a very special fish, inhabiting 2000m under the Antarctic ocean which remains untouched from remote antiquity and beginning to unveil itself only recently. Name Scientific Name : Dissostichous eleginoides Smitt English : Patagonian toothfish Classification Class Osteichthyes Order Perciformes Family Notothenidae Dissostichous eleginoides Characteristics The mero lives in the Antarctic ocean and along the coasts of the southern hemisphere and comes under the category of pond smelt. It is reported that the category has 17 genuses and 50 species of fish. The mero is called as Dissostichus eleginoides by its scientific name and Patagonian tooth fish in English. Except for the small amount around What's New Zealand and Argentina, most of meros appear near the Antarctic ocean. The one around the Antarctic ocean exists deeply under the sea but the others living on plankton appear in the open sea. And the size of the mero varies from 2Kg to 100Kg. Major components of the Mero Highfat content ratio to Protein While in eel, which is famous for its high content of fat, the fat and the protein contents are same as 16%, in mero the fat content is as much as 19.6% and the protein is 14.4%. People are usually reminded of cholesterol by the word of fat and avoid it to prevent adult diseases. Yet fat has various kinds and is largely divided into the saturated and the unsaturated. The major composing fat acid of the saturated is saturated acid and the one of the unsaturated is unsaturated acid. And unsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature and has no concern with cholesterol. Although the mero has high fat content of 19.6%, 95% of the fat, 13.7% of total, is unsaturated. The high content of unsaturated fat acid results from special physiology of the mero for surviving the Antarctic ocean environment where most organisms can hardly live. The unsaturated fat acid of fish is combined with cholesterol to generate bile which helps the digest and absorption of fat in food and goes out of the body in excretion. Thus it prevents cholesterol from being transformed into body fat. As a result, the unsaturated fat acid in fish plays a role in lowering the cholesterol level in body. High contents of vitaminA, vitaminD, and vitaminE vitamin a has impacts on almost all parts of human body and is regarded as the most important of vitamins. In shortage of vitamin A, the resistibilities of skin and mucosae become weak, skin gets rough and nails crack. Recently it was revealed that vitamin A has great effects on preventing and curbing cancers. Although only a few food have more than 10,000 UI of vitamin A, the mero contains 1,700 UI of that per 100g. It is known that vitamin e is necessary for human body about 10mg per day. Vitamin E is used as a treatment for decrease in energy, sterility and climacteric disorders as well as prevention of aging. And it has an effect on heart diseases, skin diseases and muscular fatigue. When fat is oxidized, it becomes fat peroxide which is very harmful to human body, making a freckled face and causing neuralgia and cancers. And vitamin E controls the oxidation of fat and the creation of fat peroxide. In addition, it lately draws attention for its function helping the treatment of cancers. With the depletion of coastal fish resoutces. Deep-sea fisheries has veen developed largely in the Pacific, the Indial Ocean and the sea of Okhotsk. And recently the range extended even to the Antarctic ocean which is too far and severley cold. Since the fishin zone was nou yot open, there are only a few countries working in the area. Product Type: Fish Variety: Eel Style: Fresh Part: Body Processing: Flesh

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  • Product Name: Krill
  • Product Origin: Gyeonggi-do South Korea
  • A krill has interior legs and in one side of each leg are thorny hairs. A krill has interior legs and in one side of each leg are thorny hairs. And the thorny hairs of left and right legs are engaged with each other, making a funnel-shape net. Krills eat only very small plant plankton,filtering sea water thorough this net. A Krill has exterior gills, gaksae, on its chest legs. It fully matures about 2 years after hatching and grows up larger in summer, ending up with the food of finbacks, fish, squids and sea birds circulating around the Antarctic. Product Type: Crustaceans Type: shrimp Place of Origin: Gyeonggi-do South Korea

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