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Zhengzhou Tianxiacang Food Co., Ltd.
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chemical food additive(BPO)

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Product Name: chemical food additive(BPO)
Product Origin: Henan China
Brand Name: tianxiacang
PriceTerms: US $1,620 - 1,640 / Ton
Supply Ability: 200000000 Ton/Tons per Year

chemical food additive:
power: many kinds of chemical flour additive, deliver time is 5-7days

chemical food additive:

Diluted benzoyl peroxide

The Tianxiacang Diluted Benzoyl Peroxide (commonly for whitener)is the latest technology researched and developed in our company in post recent 10 years, a kind of improving agent for flour quality produced scientifically with food materials permitted by China Food Additives Standardization Commission as well the World Health Organization.(WHO).

Main elements and appearance:

This product is made scientifically with food benzoyl peroxide and denatured starch, which looks as fine free running property and white in appearance.

Functions and usages:

This product is used to whiten the flour. After added into flour, its main element benzoyl peroxide produces free form[O] in the catalysis of air and enzyme to oxidize the

Conjugated double bond of polyene pigment in flour, making the absorption spectrum turn visible light region into ultraviolet region and dismiss the brown color. The product has

a moderate speed of reaction with flour to keep it natural and bright. And meanwhile its decomposition products have the function of disinfections and prolong the shelf life.

1. good stability 2. good emanation 3. remarkable effect of increasing white

4. causing BREAD FLOUR luster nature

Performance Standard: GB 19825-2005

Production Permitted Certificate: XK13-217-00046


Benzoyl Peroxide Content (C 14 H 10 O 4 )% 28±1.0

Water % ≤ 2.0

Degree of fineness:

(R40/3 the series 20×50×0.075mm experiment sieves, sieves-odd thing) % ≤ 10

Spreads experiment qualified

Hydrochloric acid experiment qualified

Ammonium salt experiment qualified

Barium salt experiment qualified

10% watery solution PH value 6.0-9.0

The heavy metal (counts the content by Pb) % ≤ 0.004

The arsenic (counts the content by As)% ≤ 0.0003


As per regulations of GB2760-1996, the maximum use of pure benzoyl in Wheat Flour is 0.06g/kg,

Correspondingly the maximum use of this product in wheat flour is 0.2g/kg, the users may choose

the proper amount according to the flour quality.

Packaging specifications

Paper bucket packaging, 25kg/berral, 1kg/bag, a total of 25 bags.

Carton packaging, net weight 25kg/box, 1kg/bag, a total of 25 bags.

Storage condition:

Sealed store in cool, dry, ventilate place. Prevent from heat, sun and high temperature upper 40.Stored with poisonous or deleterious materials are strictly prohibited.

Transport condition:

Be away from rain and damp. Transported with poisonous or deleterious materials are strictly prohibited.

Usage range: Wheat Flour

Usage Method:

Add it into wheat flour evenly by the micro-flour distributor or flour blending bin as regulation.


This product may be stored in 24 months in proper conditions, and it may be used after retest to be qualified though overdue.

Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Type: Enzyme Preparations Brand Name: tianxiacang
Purity: 28%-32%
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Contact Information
Company Name : Zhengzhou Tianxiacang Food Co., Ltd.
Address : No. 19, Fengshuo Street, Comprehensive Investment North Area
Zhengzhou   Henan   China
Tel : 86- 371- 63793511
Fax : 86- 371- 63793511
Contact Person : Mr. Xiao Zhang    
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