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Apidom Ltd
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Frozen Drone Larvae Royal Jelly

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Product Name: Frozen Drone Larvae Royal Jelly
Product Origin: Russian Federation
Brand Name: royal jelly
PriceTerms: EUR 250 - 260
Supply Ability: 2 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year

Very interesting product-frozen drone breeding. The product may be used as a raw material for remedies and health food.

Our company is manufacturer of rather interesting product - frozen drone breeding. The product may be used as a raw material for different remedies creams. The product is 100% pure and will help to make really health keeping and high quality product. Anti-aging effect.

This is the most valuable biologically active product, since, besides the protein, in content of which it approaches meat and fungi, contains the richest collection of the useful substances: amino acid, vitamins, ferments, microcells and so forth.

By subject NII (Scientific Research Institute) bee-keeping of the Ryazan province (Russia) the biological activity of this amazing product according to many indices is higher than in uterine milk. To 50% drone larva consists of the same components as uterine milk, but it is characterized by the large number of functional groups of the ferments of sulfide groups. The content of lipids in drone breeding is 1,5-2 times more than in breeding of working bees. Drone breeding, as uterine milk, increases the level of metabolism in the period of active muscular activity, physical endurance thanks to which grows.
Drone breeding differs from uterine milk in terms of the large number of functional groups of ferments, sulfhydryl groups. Proteins are predominantly free and easily mastered transport oligopeptides.

Chemical composition vitamins are the microcells

protein 10,0-20,0%

Vitamin A of 0,083 ME/g

calcium 3,3 mg/o

carbohydrates 1,0-5,5%

acid of 2,43 mg%

magnesium 16,3 mg%

lipids 5,0-6,3%

V- carotene of 0,065 ME/g

sodium of 34,6 mg%

Free amino acids 0-1,3%

csantofil 045 mg%

potassium of 21,4 mg%

Sum of amino acids 11,4% vitamin in,

Vitamin B 0,114 mg%

iron 3,23 mg%

glucose 3,16-5,0%

nicotine choline 68,12 mg%

manganese of 0,022 mg%

fructose 0,03-0,5%

vitamin D of 146 ME/g

copper 0,089 mg%

saccharose 0,03-0,5%

folic acid,

pantothenic acid

other zinc of 0.2 mg%

the Adas, [Ai], Cr, Mo, Ni and other

Because of this unique complex of substances the drone breeding contributes to the accelerated restoration of the biochemical characteristics of testes and prostate gland, coming out as the stimulator of the central mechanisms of the regulation of the intensity of the formation of androgens.

Product Type: Royal Jelly Place of Origin: Russian Federation Brand Name: royal jelly
Processing Type: Raw
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Contact Information
Company Name : Apidom Ltd
Address : Ordzhonikidze str.
Perm   Perm Territory   Russian Federation
Zip : 614000
Tel : 7- 342- 2360350
Mobile Phone : 89630128581
Fax : 7- 342- 2360350
Contact Person : Mr. sergey diev    
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