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Results for fresh fish : 328 Buying Leads
For Sellers Buy Shrimp / Shellfish, Dried / Clipfish / salted fish 26 Aug 2009
Dear Mr. We want information about these products. Also prices and quantities for import or send samples. We are importers and we have good market. Thank you. Andrea buscar
For Sellers Buy Fresh Tilapia Fish from Thailand 26 Aug 2009
We are International Trading company looking for Fresh Talapia fish suppliers from Thailand. Our requirement will be very big. We like to have joint venture also for Talapia farming in Thailand. We ma...
For Sellers Buying LIVE fresh water Craw Fish 17 Aug 2009
Our company is in the market for LIVE fresh water Craw Fish. Sizes: 60-90g 90-120g 120-150g 150g+ Quantity: 1-2MT per week Please offer based on CIP Simferopol Airport, Ukraine. Please provi...
For Sellers Buy Frozen/Fresh chilled Fish 13 Aug 2009
Dear Sir/Madam,Good day!We are pleased to introduce our self that we are one of processor and exporter of fresh/chilled and dried seafood/fish whole by air from Pakistan Our trading & processing r...
For Sellers Buy Fresh Salmon 10 Aug 2009
Our company needs a supply of fresh salmon (about 200 kg per week) by air to St. Petersburg. We want to know your delivery mechanism for fresh fish, dates and prices. Your company must be certified fo...
For Sellers Buy salmon fish (fresh and smoked) 28 Jul 2009
We are looking for salmon fish (fresh and smoked) for our customers in Germany, Swiss and Austria.
For Sellers Buy Salmon Fish (fresh and smoked) 27 Jul 2009
We are looking for salmon fish (fresh and smoked) for our customers in Germany, Swiss and Austria.
For Sellers Buy FRESH FISH 17 Jul 2009
we are looking for import fresh fish pls send for us all informations price list please contact us
For Sellers Buy fresh-frozen fish,Mackerel 08 Jul 2009
Horse Mackerel:25+. Mackerel:20+. Sardinella:16+. Country of origin: Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea and Morocco (Atlantic Ocean).
For Sellers Buy Fresh Mackerel,Saith fish,Fresh Salmon 02 Jul 2009
Would you please inform us about whether you can supply us the below mentioned items,under which conditions,price offers,packeging and delivery terms etc. * Fresh Mackerel *Saith fish(Pollachius viren...
For Sellers Buy Fresh Fish 23 Jun 2009
am interested in the importation of fresh fish from norway to my country as a major business,i need to be informed on what to do.
For Sellers Buy Fresh and Frozen Fish, Cod Fillet and HG 12 Jun 2009
We are importers of fresh and frozen fish, cod fillet and HG / Lomo CONGELADOS on board and as cochas as land and vieiras, agradeceremos help us in the stock exchange in Norway Agradecidos,Greetings
For Sellers Buy Salmon from Norway 05 Jun 2009
We are a fresh fish trading company well-established in the UAE. Our customers are mainly super- and hypermarkets. In order to widen our range of products, we would like to import salmon from Norway. ...
For Sellers Buy FRESH FISH 01 Jun 2009
We buy:-Epinephelus AeneusWhite grouper-Arnoglossus laternaCommun sole-Pagellus erythrinusCouche's sea bream
For Sellers Buy Fresh Frozen Fishes 27 May 2009
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm from Germany and my name is Sezer Goksu. Im working as Representative, according to the order of one of my customers in Saudi Arabia. We need 100 tons fresh frozen fishes (sea/riv...
For Sellers Buy Fresh Fish 20 May 2009
We buy everyday: 1-Epinephelus Aeneus White grouper Meroublanc Zackenbarsch 2-Arnoglossus laterna Sole Commune Seezunge Commun sole 3-Pagellus erythrinus Couche's sea bream Page...
For Sellers Buy Fresh fish 12 May 2009
Fresh fish for the truly selective restaurant. Danbras supply you with species, caught with care for sustainability and fair trade, straight to your table by specialized transport conditioning. Conta...
For Sellers Buy Fresh Salmon 28 Apr 2009
Looking for fresh salmon, delived every week by track in Italy.
For Sellers Buy fresh fish fillets,loins and whole 22 Apr 2009
We are a Dutch fish company and selling in the Belgium and Dutch market
For Sellers Buy Fresh Golden tile 22 Apr 2009
Dear Seafood Exporters, We are looking for constant supplier of fresh fish from Mexico,Honduras & Nicaragua on weekly basis delivered to toronto by flight.we need following fish. 1.Fresh Ye...
For Sellers Buy Fresh Frozen Whole Fish 21 Apr 2009
We would like to contact seafood manufacturers of fresh frozen whole fish, especially Mackerel to get price information including shipping and terms of payment. Best Regards Sakarya Seafood
For Sellers Buy Fresh Water Silver Fish 13 Apr 2009
Wanted Blk Fzn 8-10cm W/R Silver Fish pack in 10 x 1kg bag with box per master carton from ONLY SHANGDONG, CHINA.
For Sellers Buy fresh fish (egypt only ) 12 Apr 2009
Dear Sirs,Please send us your best offer for all fresh fishfrom the Mediterranean Seawith best regardsDr.Elkiky
For Sellers Buy Fresh Salmon 10 Apr 2009
Subject: Spain - Demand - Fresh - Salmon We are looking for directly suppliers of this products.(fishing companies/farming)
For Sellers Buy Fresh Cod, Palometa, Haddock 10 Apr 2009
Subject: Spain - Demand - Fresh - Cod, Palometa, Haddock (bacalao, palometa, eglefino) We are looking for directly suppliers of this products.(fishing companies/farming)
For Sellers Buy Tuna 01 Apr 2009
Processed tuna fish in brine for sandwich production packed in cans 3kg cans and also 7kg vacuum packe
For Sellers Buy live Craw Fish 23 Mar 2009
Buying live Craw Fish Size: 60-150g+ Volume: 1-1.5mt per week
For Sellers Buy Fresh Iced Ground Fish 11 Mar 2009
We are interesting in buying of fresh iced ground fish to St.Petersburg and moscow.
For Sellers Buy Fresh Fish 10 Mar 2009
wish to Import whole fresh fish from around the world
For Sellers Buy Fresh fish From Trinidad & Tobaggo 23 Feb 2009
To all Fresh Seafood Sellers, We are interested to buy following frsh fish from Trinidad and Tobaggo on weekly basis ,about 3000 Lbs.per week.Required fish is mentioned below. 1.Lane Snappers 2...
For Sellers Buy Frozen Salmon 19 Feb 2009
I Am Looking to Buy, Fresh AND Frozen Salmon, Fresh Lake Trout,If You Can Supply,Pls Contact Me,Thanks
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