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dehydrated carrot granules

Company Name:Ilichangtai Industry CO.,LTD
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Post Time:2020-08-08
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Product Description

Dehydrated carrot granules: From Xinjiang of china. Our goods have best quality. We supply it to the biggest instant noodle company of China.

size:10*10*3, 6*6*3, 17*17*3. 

Color:Orangeto red or deep red

  certificate: QS, HACCP

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Ilichangtai Industry CO.,LTD

Ili Changtai Industry Co. LTD was established in August 2000, which has fixed investment of 35.30 million RMB. Changtai is located in the economic development zone of Jiangsu Industry Park in Qingshuihe town Huocheng County Xinjiang province China .Changtai is only 60 kilometers away from Yining city (the state capital of the Ili) to the southeast and is 28 km away from the national second-degree port Horgos to the west.
The Ili Changtai Industrial Co., Ltd. is a collection of planting,and the acquisition, processing and trade as one of the modern export-oriented agricultural and sideline products deep processing of key leading enterprises. Now it has the three existing dehydrated vegetables processing plants, a black raw sunflower seeds processing plants, development centers, export trading companies, raw materials company a total of five departments,the company has built its own 20,000 acres of vegetable planting base,
The company's main business is fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables,black raw sunflower seeds, white raw sunflower seeds, garlic, pepper cultivation, acquisition, processing and export. Fresh vegetable products are mainly exported to the Hack Stan, Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries; dehydrated vegetables mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, Austria, Korea and other countries and domestic "Master" Group; melon seeds,dried chilli, garlic sold in the Philippines, Malaysia.
"In the bigger leading agricultural enterprises, strengthen the dehydrated vegetables leading industries, and rich people side"concept, in the pursuit of economic efficiency at the same time,the initiative to undertake rural services, return to the community of social responsibility, "farmers' income, corporate profits,industrial development pattern of "scientific, sustainable, healthy development". Cultivation, processing and marketing of dehydrated vegetables market demand at home and abroad, in accordance with the "company + base + farmers" mode, orders plan to ensure that the product does not backlog raw materials.
Driven by radiation, the Ili River Valley to become the largest export base of green vegetables production and processing of the western and organic fresh vegetables production base, to enhance competitiveness and influence of the Xinjiang estate of agricultural products in the international market, to promote agricultural efficiency and farmers to get rich,stability in rural areas, to make greater contributions to Xinjiang and the national agricultural industrialization process.


Our planting base is near the Ili river, which is made by the snow water from mountain Tian. so it is convenient for us irrigating the farm by snow water.The water is pure and fresh without any pollution. The farm is far from the city and the industry zone. According to the snow mountain our climate is the more hot in daytime, the more cold in daynight. So we dont need any pestcide and chemical fertilizer. And thanks to the 15hours sunshine in daytime. Our material have the best quality of other area.We import many advanced equipment instead of human to avoid the mistakes. Our worker is concentrated in the stuff 10year-long. They know how to produce the best products. So based all this, our company is developing fast. We have built the second factory that is more bigger than the first one in Gongliu, Ili in 2010. Now we are preparing to build the third one. Our hope is let more and more people feel at ease to eat vegetables.


Address the economic development zone of Jiangsu Industry Park in Qingshuihe town Huocheng County Xinjiang
ZIP 835207
Telephone 0086 - 0999 - 6561550
Fax 0086 - 0999 - 6561906
Mobile Phone 08613319720236
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