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bean sprout etc. packing machinery,China Zengran price supplier

bean sprout etc. packing machinery
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Update Time:2022-08-17
Product Description

Sauerkraut full automatic packing line
Sauerkraut full automatic packing line can automatically complete the automatic weighing , bag sealing, packaging, filling, silting.
The equipments function ,structure characteristics consist of  this production line

Automatic promoting and feeding System   Function: auto complete the sauerkraut prior feeding, promoting, collate and feeding. The machine include:
a). The sauerkraut prior feeding machine
b). The automatic conversion equipment
c). The sauerkraut promote and collate equipment
d). The sauerkraut auto feeding equipment

CJS5000T-PC auto weighing machine
a)Function: To be used the sauerkraut auto weighing and filling
b) The electronics weigh, the numeral sets and shows, the accuracy high, operate convenience

Z shape promote equipment
Promote the calculate sauerkraut to the connect material door, it is made of stainless steel ,hang the movable type hopper ;including Z shape promote equipment, the center hopper equips and blows breath equipment ,the light electricity check equipment.

VFS5000FS auto sealing and filling packaging machine
a) Function: To be used auto packing after the sauerkraut weighing; it can complete sealing , filling, cutting, printing the time and count function
b) Use a slice of form a film, standard model or special in PE single film.
c) The bag type: back sealing pillow bag
d) The color mark light electricity settles to sets the tall or bag long, two kinds of function choose
e) Packing speed: 30-40 bags/minutes
f) Automatically print the date, batch number...etc., print the position consistently.
g) Its operating interface adopts he advanced touch screen

Product conveyor machine

Control cabinet and electricity control system

Material and process characteristics
a). The whole packing line is used stainless steel structure, all contact the material the part to all adopt 304 stainless steels.
b) The equipments sews to beat to whet, surface throws the light processing, the hopper and the the connect material are not
c) The whole packing line designs for the watertightness.
d)All control parts, all in consideration of emergency measure, the adoption auto controls and moves to control the dual measure
e)This packing line used for packing the fresh pickles, so all links of the process all guarantee to be easy to clean, in clean process, will use the water to uncertain expect to scrub to pack the line, and requests that the electricity control part satisfies all the watertightness.

Machine Technical parameters:
Packing produces: Sauerkraut/ vegetables/bean sprout and etc
The weight range :20 grams-1000 grams
Bag size: 50-260mm(width)*80-380mm(height)
Bag type: back sealing bag
Packing speed:20-30 bag/min
Bag material: PE the single film or the compound film

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Company Profile
Name: Zengran Packaging Technology(Guangdong) Co,.Ltd
Main Products: automactive weighing machine,foods packaging machine,the filling machine,agricultural,pharmaceutical and chemicals packaging machinery,complete lines of logistics,product conveying and packaging
Business Type: Manufacture
Total Employees: < 20
Address: Guangdong international packaging city B8-10, SuiYan road No. 3 , Yanbu borough, Nanhai, Guangdong P

Guangdong zengran mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd., it is the producer making the package packing machine at home, the company establishes more than ten years for being been engaged in weighing the mechanical package packing machine , research and development and production and sales poured into machinery and relevant products automatically all the time . The products have been gained with the performance-cost ratio of material benefit and after-sale service before outstanding selling such as Beijing love the fragrant food company, flavouring company , royal company of Shantou , the red enterprise group of Fujian wheat , the South China Sea oil of day of Uniliver detergent Company , Foshan sea ( Red gulf) The favors of domestic and international famous producers , such as company ,etc.
Pack and weigh the unit field of the packaging and bent on making progress , is devoted to the research and development of the new technology for a long time automatically far, weed out the old and bring forth the new constantly, develop here and there bag , hand of sealing and carry bag , vertical bag , resting the head on type bag , listening to the pots and boxlike bag ,etc. to weigh the packaging aircrew automatically, and weight select plane of leaving, metal detector, many kinds of supplies pack line, send (logistics ) the equipment.

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Zengran Packaging Technology(Guangdong) Co,.Ltd
  • Business Type: Manufacture
  • Main Products:automactive weighing machine,foods packaging machine,the filling machine,agricultural,pharmaceutical and chemicals packaging machinery,complete lines of logistics,product conveying and packaging
  • Location: Nanhai, Guangdong, China
  • Year Established:
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