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CR Honbushi (Bonito) Atsukezuri 2kg for Ramen Noodle Cuisine

FOB Price:Price can be negotiated
Production Capacity:500 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Payment Terms: US $24 - 27 / Kilogram
Update Time:2020-12-01
Product Description

Used by a lot of famous Ramen Noodle restaurants all over the world.
To produce the highest grade dashi.

OBUSHI.INC. ...7th.Tarobei....since.1808.. .Tokyo.JAPAN........................................................................................... .


CR Honbushi (Dry Bonito) Atsukezuri 2kg

for Ramen Noodle Cuisine   


CR series is our products for Ramen noodle cuisine




No.1 Japanese UMAMI  / Sliced dried bonito / katsuobushi   

- Smoked fish for making authentic Japanese cuisine


..... MARUKATSU . KATSUOBUSHI . INC.   ... 7th.Tarobei. .. since . 1808 .. . Tokyo. . JAPAN ............................................................ .



Made in Japan. ( Kagosima Pref. )

To produce the highest grade dashi ( broth ) .


We also offer a large number of products intended for restaurants which serve Japanese food,soba,udon,and ramen.


For more information,please check our company`s product site.



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Yagou ( Japanese company mark ) of our company







Our company was founded in 1808 ( in Edo period ),as a maker of dried bonito flakes.




We are currently based in Tokyo,and are engaged in the supply of dried bonito flakes and shavings,dried sardines,and kelp products to approximaterly 5,000 different Japanese restaurants,soba,udon,and ramen shops.




Ramen Noodle Cuisine


Used as stock for broth and sauces at many famos Ramen noodle restaurants.







  Japanese-style Banno broth :

Happoji (Banno Seasoning for Japanese cuisine can be used in anything from Nimono, ohitashi, or seasoning sauces.

(Our product suggestion: Washoku no Katsuo (Bonito) . 8 parts soup base (water with 3–4% bonito powder), 1 part mirin, 1 part soy sauce; bring to a boil until mirin is reduced.* Depending on the food, the amount of mirin can be reduced or soy sauce changed to get different variations.‚ 


Broth for mori soba (Cold Soba-noodle Soup )

(Our suggested product: Bincho jikabiyaki honsetsu [special charcoal dried bonita flakes])Heat 1 part roux (Hon Kaeshi) (dark soy sauce, mirin, sugar heated) mixed with 3–4 parts broth [dashi] (water with 7–8% bonito or shaved flakes), cool and serve.


Kake sauce for Soba (Hot Soba-Noodle Soup )

(Our suggested product:  Dashikatsu GS)Heat 1 part roux (Hon Kaeshi) (dark soy sauce, mirin, sugar heated) mixed with 9–10 parts broth [dashi] (water with 3–4% bonita or shaved flakes), cool and serve.


Udon broth (Udon-Noodle Soup )

(Our suggested product: Kombu, thickly shaved dried sardines, Sanuki Gold, Dashi Pack KKGS)A. Kake sauce (heated broth): bring to a boil 8 parts broth (water with 3–4% dried food), 1 part soy sauce, 0.5 parts mirin.B. Mori broth (cold): bring to a boil 6 parts broth (water with 3–4% dried food), 1 part soy sauce, 1 part mirin; let cool slightly and serve.… 


Gyokai(Seafood base) ramen soup

(Our suggested product: Niboshi N, CR Kongo Atsukezuri)Combine meat-based soup (chicken, pork, potherbs) with 3–4% dried small sardines or sea slugs, and dried shaved mackerel.Simmer for 30 minutes to 1 hour.Mix 1 part shoyu–dare (soy sauce heated with pork) with 10 parts soup. If using with cold noodles, thicken by changing the ratio of meat or seafood to soup to 1:4.





CR Honbushi (Bonito) Atsukezuri 2kg for Ramen Noodle Cuisine


Sliced dried bonito. 

Made in Japan. ( Kagoshima pref.)










How to play the soup ( broth ).



Typically, dashi is made by adding bonito flakes (or dried sardines)
to boiling water,turning it off after a reasonable time, and then straining it through
a fine filter such as kitchen paper or cloth.For a strongly flavored dashi, 8-10%
(80 to 100 grams per liter) should be used,or for a lighter flavor 4-6%.
We recommend the following boiling times: for thick bonito flakes, 10 minutes;
for powdered bonito, 5 minutes. (Dashi made from thicker bonito takes longer to make,
but also has a richer flavor and greater stability).
If using dried sardines, please boil for 40 minutes.
Kelp should be soaked overnight and not heated.
Please follow these guidelines when making dashi from our products.





Our products package & box


Designed by Kenji Manabe






Our products for Japanese Cuisine


Many famous Japanese restaurants , including Michelin star rated establishments,
use our products to make their "dashi" which is an integral part of soup and boiled dishes.

NA:Binchoutan Jikabiyaki Honbushi Atsukezuri/  NB:Binchoutan Jikabiyaki Honbushi Crush/

NC:Washoku No Katsuo/  ND:Satsuma Honbushi Atsukezuri/  NE:Satsuma Honbushi Crush/

NF:Hanakatsuo/  NG:Dashi Pack EX/  NH:Dashi Pack KKGS/

NI:Rishiri Konbu/NJ:Hidaka Konbu/Nk:Rausu Konbu/NL:Ma Konbu




Our products for Soba Noodle Cuisine


Many famous soba restaurants, including Michelin star rated establishments,
use our products to make the "dashi" used in their soups.

SA:Binchoutan Jikabiyaki Honbushi Atsukezuri/  SB:Binchoutan Jikabiyaki Honbushi Crush/

SC:Satsuma Honbushi Atsukezuri/  SD:Gomasaba Atsukezuri/  SE:Tosa Souda Atsukezuri/  SF:Dashikatsu GS/SG:Satsuma Honbushi Crush/  SH:Gomasaba Crush/  SI:Souda Crush/  SJ:Dashokatsu Crush/

SK:Dashi Pack EX/ 

SL:Rishiri Konbu/SM:Hidaka Konbu




Our Products for Udon Noodle Cuisine


Many famous udon restaurants, including Michelin star rated establishments,
use our products to make the "dashi" used in their soups.

UA:Sanuki Gold/  UB:Kyoufuu Udon Shirodashi Pack/  UC:Honbushi Namakezuri/  UD:Saba Usukezuri/ 

UE:Souda Usukezuri/  UF:Urume Chuuatukezuri/  UG:Sabamuro Usukezuri/  UHDashi Pack KKGS





Our Products for Ramen Noodle Cuisine


More than 2,000 famous ramen shops use our products as part of their soups or toppings.      


RA:CR Honbushi Atsukezuri/  RB:CR Saba Atsukezuri/  RC:CR Souda Atsukezuri/  RD:CR Kongou Atsukezuri/

RE:Niboshi Atsukezuri/  RF:CR Dashi Pack/ 

RG:Katsuo powder/  RH:Saba Powder/  RI:Souda Powder/  RJ:Muro Powder/  RK:Niboshi Powder/ 

RL:Ago Powder/  RM:Ebi Powder/  RN:Konbu Powder/  RO:Kongou Powder/ 

RP:Rishiri Konbu/  RQ:Hidaka Konbu/  RR:Rausu Konbu/  RS:Dashi Konbu                                  



More than 2,000 famous ramen shops use our products as part of their soups or toppings.  


BA:Niboshi P/  BB:Niboshi N/  BC:Niboshi S/  BD:Niboshi H/  BE:Aji Niboshi/  BF:Urume Niboshi





Our company factory,received level 1 HACCP certification ( international hygine management standard ) in 2002,has been reinspected every 6 months since then,and continues to hold to these standards.







Product Type:
Seasonings"> Mixed Spices & Seasonings
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
Fish Bouillon
High Grade
Processing Type:
Weight (kg):
Other Products
Company Profile
Main Products: Dried bonito,Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito),Bonito Flakes,Dashi (Soup Stock) Packs,Niboshi (Dried Sardines)
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
Total Employees: 11 - 50 People
Established Year: 1964
Main Markets: North America, Southeast Asia, Domestic Market
Address: 3-16-8, Kamisaginomiya
"Authentic tradition"

Founded as a dried bonito producer in 1808 in Kagoshima, our company began manufacturing and sales in Tokyo in 1964.
We have now grown to supply 5,000 customers, including Michelin rated restaurants and many famous Japanese restaurants, soba restaurants, udon restaurants, and ramen restaurants.

Our Products:
We produce flavor bases used by professional cooks, such as katsuobushi (dried bonito), bonito flakes, dashi (soup stock) packs, crushed and powdered flavors, niboshi (dried sardines), and kombu.

Hold HACCP (international health management criteria) Level 1 certification. Patent holder for "Bincho-Zumi" - charcoal fired dried bonito.

Our Domestic and Import Track Record:
We do business with 4,800 establishments in Japan.
We also deal internationally in North America, Hawaii, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and elsewhere.

With complete understanding of our changing times, we strive to live up to our motto of "tradition grows from constant innovation," by constantly updating our entire operations, beginning with our products. more
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  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Main Products:Dried bonito,Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito),Bonito Flakes,Dashi (Soup Stock) Packs,Niboshi (Dried Sardines)
  • Main Markets: North America, Southeast Asia, Domestic Market
  • Location: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Year Established: 1964
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Contact: Mr. Shunsuke Maeda
Tel: 81 - 3 - 39998938
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