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nutritional food supplement ascorbic acid,China price supplier

nutritional food supplement ascorbic acid
FOB Price:Price can be negotiated
Production Capacity:50 Ton/Tons per Month
Payment Terms: US $1 - 15 / Kilogram
Update Time:2011-05-29
Product Description

Ascorbic Acid is our main product which has best-quality,favourable price,welcome inquire!

ascorbic acid

Molecular formula:   C 6 H 8 O 6

Molecular weight:    176.14


White to light yellow crystal or crystalline powder. Odorless. Exists sourness. Flash point 99 . Melting point 187 ~ 192 . By the illumination was gradually browning, dry state fairly stable in the air, but in the presence of air is rapid deterioration in solution, PH value of 3.4 ~ 4.5 more stable. This product is about 1g soluble in 5ml water and 30ml ethanol. 0.5% aqueous solution PH value of 3,5% aqueous solution PH value of 2. Not soluble in chloroform, ethyl ether, non-volatile oil and benzene. Showed a strong reduction, there has been inhibiting polyphenol oxidase effect, it is added to beer, FRUIT JUICE and other foods can be used as antioxidants.

This product is widely distributed in plant tissues, fresh fruits and vegetables are more content. Especially parsley, roxburghrose, kiwi fruit, peppers, tomatoes, citrus for more.


PREPARATION: Reichstein commonly used as method, using glucose as raw material, pressure in the nickel-catalyzed hydrogenation of a mountain sorbitol, and then by acelobacter suboxydans fermented L-sorbose, in concentrated sulfuric acid catalyzed reaction with acetone Diacetone-L - sorbitol, and then in alkaline conditions, using potassium permanganate oxidation of the cost of goods.




Content(based on C 6 H 8 O 6 )


Specific rotation


Ignition residue




Heavy metal(based on Pb)


FAO/WHO 1992



Specific rotation(10%solution)


PH value(2% solution)


Loss on drying


Sulphate ash




Heavy metal




Nutritional supplements; anti-oxidants; protecting reagent. Control scurvy, alveolar pyorrhea, anemia, loss of appetite and so on. Can enhance resistance to infectious diseases. In addition, the still shown in the following aspects.

 (1)Vitamine C and the Brain    

Through experiments, found that people's IQ with the blood concentration of vitamin c increased rise. Infants lack of vitamin C, can lead to brain dysfunction. Neurons in the brain tissue there is a very small neural tube, and its role is to transport essential nutrients the brain, but it is easy to plug and deformation, while the vitamin C, you can change this situation, the full complement of vitamin C can improve the permeability channels to promote brain activity and timely and smooth access to the necessary nutrients, thereby improving brain function, so that intelligence to improve.

 (2)Vitamine C and Immunity    

Vitamin C can promote the secretion of prostatic fluid and lymph, so that the body produces interferon and anti-toxins, which play a role in immune and anti-virus. A lack of vitamin C, the body's immune function decline, the decline in control of foreign tissue, especially the T lymphocytes. Prostaglandin B4 is capable of regulating the role of T lymphocytes, and its synthesis of vitamin C can not be separated

 (3)Vitamine C and Cold    

 U.S. Nobel Dr Bolin indicates that if daily doses of about 1g of vitamin C, can decrease the rate of 45% of colds, shorten the course of 60%. Vitamins can also communicate with respiratory and promote blood circulation, increase the human body needs oxygen in order to reduce the incidence of colds.

 (4) Vitamine C and Fracture     

Collagen composition of the various amino acids, especially HOP synthesis of amino acids must have the involvement of proline hydroxylase, which constitute the main component of this enzyme for vitamin C, in the absence of vitamin C, amino acids means that HOP blocked, which led to disruption of collagen protein synthesis. The collagen constitute the human bones, teeth, tendons and other important component, accounting for about one-third of total protein in the human body, if the biological synthesis of collagen abnormalities or other mutations occur, it can happen in medicine so-called "collagen disease "that leads to brittle bone changes occur.

 (5)Vitamine C and Anticancer     

Human neutrophil system in the human body plays a very important role: they inhalation of harmful bacteria in cancer prevention is very important. When the neutrophil feel when bacteria began to become active at the same time to absorb vitamin C, until its concentration is greater than the concentration of around them. They kill bacteria oxidizing agents produced during the same time, use of vitamin C as an antioxidant, can protect themselves from damage. Vitamin C can prevent cancer-causing compounds, synthesis of N-nitrosamines to prevent esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer from happening.

Vitamin C can also increase the level of cell surface cAMP, which makes the chances of cancerous and normal cells were significantly reduced, and mild cancerous cells can return to normal.

Vitamin C is water-soluble vitamins in the most vulnerable to destruction of vitamins. Cooking and heating can be excessive so that most of the loss of vitamin C; alkaline, sunlight, chopped, broken and vegetables exposed to air, so that vitamin C may be a great loss. Therefore, we must pay attention to the vitamin C in food is not destroyed.

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Nutrition Enhancers
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