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Guangdong Authenmole Biotech Inc.
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Basic Information
Main Products: Tea, Tea Extract, detox tea, Instant Tea, slimming tea
Company Type: Manufacture & Trade
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Established Year: 2011
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets: Oceania 20.89%、Western Europe 16.10%、North America 14.45%
About us
AUTHENTEA is the world's leading supplier of instant tea products. Based on biological cells nano extraction technology researched by China Academy of Rock Tea, the company developed its instant tea essence, a convenient, fast, safe, sustainable, healthy, line of natural instant tea extract, which has become fashionable drink enjoyed by all mankind.AUTHENTEA instant tea, through biological cell nano-extraction technology, production process allows much more complete breakdown of cells in the tea plant, so maximising extraction of the tea's effective components, further processes reorganized and crystallize them, forming the core of the instant tea products.AUTHENTEA Bio-extraction uses a set of independently innovated intelligent production systems. The pipeline features a low running temperature and extraction through several ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nano-filtration processes to efficiently remove the macromolecular impurities and harmful components during the extraction process, which allows a mellower product. The operation is a completely automated process using patented equipment, the bio-engineering technology manufactured tea essence product is the pinnacle of the tea making craft, replacing the traditional methods, yet fitting completely the traditional customs and uses of tea, the revolution and the innovation, work harmoniously with the original tea flavour and also improves by removing the tea dregs, the agriculture remnant, the heavy metal and all other useless ingredients.Authentea pays much attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, and has applied for national patents for its technology achievement. Currently we've successfully applied for 14 patents, 6 utility model patents, mainly in nano cell extraction, cell effective component quantitative blending technology etc. Authentea has a number of highly sophisticated technology and management talent, leading by experts from the United States, Hongkong and China in the field of biological engineering, and its core technology backbone is composed of young elite. Authentea's team is full of vitality and creativity.AUTHENTEA uses ecological methods for planting and harvesting tea gardens, components extraction, in order to produce the finest and sustainable tea extract products. Allowing comprehensive utilization of tea drinks and reusing the waste as food, feed and other products containing tea, so as to maximise the use of tea resources. There is no waste tea dregs, tea, and other issues. In the preparation process utilizes water treatment systems, recycling and other water resources, throughout the course of production, does not create any noxious waste in the environment, realizing a clean production and zero emissions, protecting the ecological environment.Origin-Seeking! 100% Natural!Far away from Pollution, AUTHENTEA Instant Extract Tea extracts from 100% natural refined tea planted at high sea-level green ecological tea plantation, no contamination. Moreover, we implement full range of supervision over the whole planting process, making sure that there is no chemical fertilizer and pesticide are applied during the process. Extracted from Tea, but Exceed Tea!Authentea Extract Tea perfectly keeps the delicious flavor from tea leaves, and uses high technology to get rid of the useless fiber, pectin and the protein which may affect the taste, making it tastes more smooth and exceed original tea leaves.Discard the Dross and Maintain the Essence!After testing, the beneficial component in Authentea Tea Extract such as tea polyphenol, amino acid, tea polysaccharide and theine are all higher than original tea leaves. Daily consumption of Authentea Tea Extract can help with blood pressure, blood-fat, radioresistance, antitumor, prevent from angiocardiopathy, and keeps slim and beautiful body.