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Alcohol & Wine Alcohol, Beer, Liqueur
Aquatic Products Alive Seafoods, Aquatic Plant Food, Canned Seafood
Baby Foods Baby Dairy Foods, Baby Milk, Baby Snacks
Bakery Foods Bakery Snacks, Biscuit & Cookie, Breads
Bean Products Bean Snacks, Canned Beans, Dried Beans
Beverages Alcoholic Drink, Coffee, Energy Drink
Canned Food Canned Baby Foods, Canned Beans, Canned Eggs
Confectionery Candy, Chewing Gum, Chocolate & Cocoa
Edible Fats & Oils Animal Fats, Butter, Essential Oils
Egg Products Canned Eggs, Egg Powder, Egg Snacks
Food Additives Acidity Regulator, Antioxidants, Bleaching Agents
Food Ingredients Animal Extracts, Cocoa Ingredients, Dietary Fibers
Food Packaging Accessories, Material, Others
Food Processing Machinery Coating Machine, Cutter, Dryer
Food Tech. Services
Frozen Foods Frozen Beans, Frozen Fruit, Frozen Meat
Fruit Canned Fruits, Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits
Gums & Stabilizers
Health & Functional Foods Functional Foods, Health Snacks, Health/ Dietetic Drink
Honey Products Honey Snacks, Natural Honey, Others
Instant Foods Fast Foods, Instant Beverage, Instant Noodles
Meat & Poultry Canned Meat, Frozen Meat, Hams & Sausage
Milk & Dairy Products Baby Milk, Cheese, Dairy Snacks
Mushrooms & Fungus Brined Mushrooms, Canned Mushrooms, Dehydrated Mushrooms
Native Products Native Fruits, Native Snacks, Native Vegetables
Noodles & Pasta Chinese Noodles, Instant Noodles, Others
Nuts & Kernels Fruit Kernels, Kernel Snacks, Nuts
Pet Foods
Rice & Grains Barley, Buckwheat, Cereal Snacks
Snack Foods Baby Snacks, Bakery Snacks, Bean Snacks
Spices & Seasonings Blended Condiments, Canned Spice, Others
Starch & Flour Cereal Powder, Corn Starch, Grain Starch
Sugar & Sweeteners
Tea Bag Tea, Black tea, Green tea
Vegetables Canned Vegetables, Dehydrated Vegetables, Fresh Preserved Vegetables
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