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250ml Bird's Nest

250ml Bird's Nest
【Sell】 250ml Bird's Nest
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Post time: 2018-12-06
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Detailed Product Description:  
Product Description


All Product: No artificial flavors, no colors, no preservatives, more secure, more healthy

We are an exporter and wholesaler for Vietnam. Our main sectors are beverages, foods, beauty and personal care health.

We are the first and leading manufacturer of Beverage products in Vietnam. With modern factory certified FDA, ISO, Halal, ISO, we assure the best quality and safety product to our respected customers

250ml Bird's Nest

Natural product from Vietnam.

250ml Alu can, 24cans/tray

3098trays/20ft Container

Sheft life: 24months

OEM accepted

The health benefits

Salanganes'Nest water is extracted from pure oats contain many nutrients safety components effectively bring many benefits to the health of users. So oat drink what effect?

Nourish, strengthen health: Water nest contains many nutrients with high protein content (45-55%) has the potential to foster, promote health, boost the immune system, reduce the risk to children people, thereby improving efficiency longevity.

- Stabilize the digestive system: Domestic bird nest containing 2.09% amino acid composition helps stimulate digestion, increase nutrient absorption in the intestinal tract. Thereby increasing appetite to absorb nutrients, very good for the elderly, young children and cases of gastrointestinal disorders.

- The blood pressure and heart rate: The amino acid arginine in the nest bird's nest bird's nest should also have the ability to enhance disease prevention and control blood pressure, helps regulate and stabilize blood pressure in people with hypertension. Thus preventing work-related diseases such as atherosclerosis Matt fibrosis, coronary heart disease, brain stroke, diabetes complications.

- Enhance Brain: Phenylalanine amino acid composition is capable of increasing the amount of neurotransmitters, nerve impulses to help nourish the brain, enhance memory. Very good for the elderly or forgotten, the mental work, children are in school age. - Strengthen the physiology: Containing L

-Arginine 11.4% water quality nests are very good effects for men to enhance sexual functions, it boasts of sexual function, sexual enhancement for men and women great.

- Anti-aging, skin beauty: Domestic bird nest contains high levels of collagen and restoration of muscle, tissue and skin to help smooth your skin elasticity, making skin beautiful natural pink. Therefore, the nests are potentially delay the aging process brings the beauty of youth for women.

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Packaging & Shipping


Beverage and food packaging play a critical role in meeting food safety requirements and environmental goals. Consumers want food and drinks to be fresh, appealing, and safe. And both consumers and producers want to minimize the impact packaging has on the environment.

Port: Ho Chi Minh

Our Services

ECO Website Template 4.png

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) – Contract Packing Service


With many years of beverage manufacturing experience,We provides a comprehensive contract packing service which includes knowledge and expertise from our Marketing & Branding department, R&D technologist and Production team.

A one stop service, from formulation R&D - > Design -> Manufacturing to delivery, we help clients to ensure maximum savings on facilities and labor cost while creating a channel for you to expand your marketing channel to more target group.

Contact us today to find out more


Want To Learn More About Beverage Production?

When it comes to beverage production we have got you covered?

Prior to setting up your first mass production Power Brands will help you to ensure your beverage formula is ready for manufacturing, we will help you to buy all the raw materials you will need for your production, we will have the ingredients and other raw materials shipped to the facility that is going to blend the ingredients together and then fill the ingredients into the containers you have selected and finally get the finished beverages ready for shipment to your customers or warehouse. Power Brands will help you find the right beverage containers and labels for your product and help you to understand how to ship and store your new beverage after production. Our beverage production experts will guide you through quality control, shipping and storage of your newly produced beverages, this will ensure a smooth supply chain is established for the manufacturing of your new beverage brand.


Need a packaging designer?


Are you are in the early stages of starting a new beverage brand, you will need the help of a talented and experienced designer. Power Brands has an entire department dedicated to the pursuit of amazing, eye-catching and unique beverage packaging designs. The beverage packaging department is made up of talented designers and creative directors that have won many awards for their inspiring work in the beverage packaging design industry.

Each member of our core design team has been designing packaging for most of their professional careers and many of them have been directly involved in the beverage packaging design field for decades. Want to know more about beverage packaging design and how to find and buy the best beverage packaging for your new beverage brand?

Beverage Distribution

Are you looking for beverage distributors to help you sell and distribute your beverages?

Beverage distributors can be very difficult to deal with, it requires a focused and organized approach to get their attention and to get them to look at your beverages and take a meeting with you. Power Brands management team has been dealing with beverage distributors for decades, we can get you in front of any distributor providing you have the right product and the right promotional plan. We will work with you on your strategy and presentations to ensure your success


Vinut warehouse


Vinut warehouse

Beverage Consultants

Talk To A Highly Experienced Beverage Consultant Today

Our beverage consulting services bring an unparalleled level of expertise to new or existing beverage companies. Our award winning team of beverage consultants work with our cross-functional beverage development and marketing teams to help you manage the process of starting and running your new beverage company

Reasons to work our beverage consulting firm?

  1. We will help you to understand the cost of getting you from the start (your idea) to selling your drinks in stores and online.
  2. We will help you to create a perfect product based on your concept, ensuring you have the best chance of success.
  3. We can help you understand the process and the cost of producing, storing and shipping your new beverages.
  4. We will work with you to create a marketing & sales strategy for retailers, distribution companies & your core consumers.
  5. Finally we can assist you in understand all of the business principals, contracts, intellectual property laws (trademark) and other complicated business structures that you should understand if you are starting a beverage business
Company Information


NAM VIET FOODS AND BEVERAGE was 100% Foreign owned Company and specializes in the production of Canned Drink such as Energy Erink, Corn Milk, Aloe Juice, Korean Ginseng Drink, Soya Milk, Fruit juice, Juice, Soft Drink, Coffee, Beer.

Our factory, located in Binh Duong, Vietnam with 30, 000 square meters, possesses the yearly producing capacity of 3,000,000 cartons of Drinks. And also, We have build up a strong research and development team, who is continuously improving our manufacturing process, quality standards of our products.

NAM VIET FOODS AND BEVERAGE has preparation and manufacturing facilities that are capable of producing many types of beverages. Our customers also benefit from our flexibility, which allows us to respond quickly to various demands for new products and new technologies. Companies can count on NAM VIET FOODS AND BEVERAGE for carbonated beverages, fruit juices, tea and coffee drinks, sports drinks, vegetable juice, mineral water, non-alcohol refresher and many other products. We are proud of our ability to use our integrated preparation and manufacturing facilities to meet even the most exacting demands of our customers.

To maintain customer satisfaction, we accurately determine the value that each customer is seeking and act quickly to deliver that value. R&D and sales teams work together with the aim of gathering the information needed to develop products that target customers’ needs.
We look forward to meeting the beverage packing requirements of your company, too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, your best reply will be high appreciated.

R&D Center

Our researchers, dedicated to developing ever more efficient, safe and effective solutions, know how to produce results.

Our team of beverage specialists have developed over 500 beverage brands.

This dedicated team is tackling today’s challenges in the food and beverage industry and is focusing on helping customers improve food safety and quality.

Researchers at the center work closely with customers to test their food products and determine parameters to fit processing requirements. Their innovative solutions respond to customers' real needs.


Food and Beverage Research and development

The center's leading edge facilities include a microbial laboratory, research laboratory and a pilot plant to measure, test and develop cryogenic and gas applications for the food and beverage industry.

Whether in freezing, modified atmosphere packaging, quality and flavor preservation, carbonation, inerting and throughout the processing and distribution chains, our goal is to enhance your productivity and profitability while ensuring safety and quality.

When you work with Vinut Beverage, you receive service that draws on the latest proven research findings and innovations in:

  • The transportation of cold and frozen foods
  • The safety and quality of food products from production site to market
  • The preparation and packaging process
  • Beverage carbonation


Does Vinut 100% Pure Coconut water need to be refrigerated?
If unopened, it does not need to be refrigerated – it’s shelf stable at room temperature (between approximately 40°F to 90°F). If opened, it should be resealed, refrigerated and consumed within 3 days. Chill before serving for a deliciously refreshing taste.
Why is Vinut 100% Pure Coconut Water so good for me?
Many athletes and experts consider coconut water to be a better hydrator than plain or bottled water. It’s low in calories and loaded with 5 Essential Electrolytes – potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium –the perfect recovery drink and refresher for people with an active lifestyle.
How much coconut water should I drink? ?
We know consumers enjoy drinking Vinut Coconut Water regularly but as with all consumables, we advise moderation.
Can children drink coconut water?
Yes, you can feel confident letting your children drink coconut water. It’s a delicious, natural alternative to sugar laden drinks.

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Contact Us
Address: 994/1C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street , Tan Thang Town, Tan Binh Ward, Di An Dist, Binh Duong, Vietnam
Di An   Binh Duong   Vietnam
Zip: 72000
Telephone: 84- 275- 3800118
Fax: 84- 274- 3800117
Mobile Phone: 0084933678357
Skype MeT! duchaidl
Web Site:
Contact Person: Peter  
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