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Audited Suppliers
Qingdao Pengyuan Kanghua Natural Source Co., Ltd. 16YRS Cabbage Red Color,Purple Sweet Potato Red Color,Radish Red Color,Grape Skin Color,Perilla Color,Rosmarinic Acid,Gardenia Blue/Green/Yellow,Water-Soluble Chlorophyll,and Water-Soluble Curcumin.
Toplong Foods Co., Ltd. 14YRS Canned Whole Mushrooms,Canned Mushroom Slices,Canned Bamboo Shoots Slices
TAIZHOU LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD 4YRS mackerel,horse mackerel,bonito , mahi mahi , grey mullet and so on
Linyi Yiyuan Food Co.,Ltd. 1YRS dried garlic, dried carrot, dried ginger, canned sushi, canned ginger, canned garlic
Ning De City Tian Qiang Foods Co.,Ltd 2YRS canned seafood
Km Int Trading B.V. 2YRS Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Alcoholic beverages,beer,chocolate, confectionaries, milk,dairy products, tea,coffee,Fabric Softeners, Noodles,Pasta,copy papers.
SCHUDEL DIANA IMPORT and EXPORT GMBH 2YRS hole Frozen Chicken,whisky,beer,wine,beef
Commercial Overseas Trade 1YRS Dairy products, Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Nuts and Kernels, fruit purees, fresh fruits, dried fruits, energy drinks, oil seeds, cocoa, coffee beans, cocoa products
Hatops(China) Corporation Ltd 5YRS DHA Gummy,Caffeine Gummy,Pectin Vitamin Gummy,Organic Gummi,Xylitol Gummy,Vitamin Gummy,Prebiotic Fiber Gummy,Sugar-Free Vitamin Gummy,Xylitol Gummy Diabetics,Probiotic Gummy,
Siam Canadian Group Limited 11YRS Vannamei White Shrimp HLSO,HLSO EzPeel,Raw P&D-PUD Tail on-Tail off,CPTO,Cuttlefish,Squid,Seawater,Freshwater Fish
Zhengzhou Natural Chemical Co.,Ltd. 10YRS Sodium saccharin,sodium benzoate,sodium erythorbate,potassium sorbate,citric acid, maltodextrin,dextrose,liquid glucose,ascorbic acid,D-Ribose,Sorbitol,food additives,Food preservative
Jinan Saixin Machinery Co., Ltd. 5YRS corn flakes machine,pet food machine,fish feed machine,dog food machine,3d pellet snacks machine,twin screw extruder,artificial rice machine,dog chews bone machine,cheetos machine,puff snacks machine
Shandong Yiweiyuan Food Company 1YRS canned tomato paste, various size
Guangzhou Fung Yue Hang Trading Co., Ltd. 3YRS Bouillon Cubes,Seasoning Powder,MSG,Juice Powder,Chicken powder,Ginger Drink
NAM VIET FOODS AND BEVERAGE COMPANY LTD 3YRS Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Water, Fruit Juice, Coffee Drink, Energy Drink, Basil Seed Drink, Soft Drink....
Eurocommerce 4YRS Pork and offals, beef and offals, poultry, chicken eggs, egg products.