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Beijing Shipuller Co., Ltd.
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Cooking Wine

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Model No.: A600
Product Name: Cooking Wine
Product Origin: China
Standard: High
Brand Name: Yumart
Supply Ability: 10000 Tons/Month

Japanese Wine

There are variety of wine, such as normal Sake, Ginjoshu, daiginjoshu, super dry, soju, plum wine, etc.

Sake, also Nihonshu, stems from Chinese Rice wine. There are two kinds of well-known sake. Ginj-shu is made from rice polished to 60% or less of its original weight. sake made from rice polished to 50% or lower is called daiginj-shu.

daiginj-shu, Qt/carton: 6*1.8l/ctn, outer carton(mm): 347*222*433; Qt/carton:12*750ml/ctn, outer carton(mm): 342*253*333; Qt/carton:20*300ml/ctn, outer carton(mm): 370*230*333;

Ginj-shu, Qt/carton:6*1.8l/ctn, outer carton (mm): 347*222*433;

Normal Sake, Qt/carton: 6*1.8L (jar) /ctn, outer carton (mm): 347*222*433; Qt/carton: 6*1.8L/ctn, outer carton(mm): 347*222*433; Qt/carton: 4*18 L, outer carton(mm): 310*310*295;

Sake (Super dry), Qt/carton: 20*360ml/ctn, outer carton (mm): 330*340*280;

taruzake, Qt/carton: 6*1.8L/ctn, outer carton (mm): 540*200*400;

Rice Soju, Qt/carton: 12*720ml/ctn, outer carton (mm): 400*228*302;

Application: Sake can be used in the cooking and also is drunk as beverage. As a traditional alcohol in Japan, sake is served chilled, at room temperature, or heated, depending on the preference of the drinker, the quality of the sake, and the season.

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Contact Information
Company Name : Beijing Shipuller Co., Ltd.
Address : No 28 Xinxi Road, Haidian District
Haidian   Beijing   China
Zip : 100085
Tel : 86- 010- 62969035
Mobile Phone : 13910523156
Fax : 86- 010- 62963609
Website :
Contact Person : YU YUE    
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