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mushroom vacuum cooler

Mr.Tony Hung

Supplier Details

  • Ganzhou Coolbest Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • China China
  • Mr.Tony Hung
  • 86-797-8192581
  • US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
  • 20 ~ 50
  • Manufacture
  • North America,South America,Eastern Euro...
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Product Details
Company Profile

Item specifics

  • Model No.: DCVC-500
  • Product Name: mushroom vacuum cooler
  • Product Origin: Ganzhou,China
  • Standard: internal standard
  • Brand Name: coolbest
  • PriceTerms: 30% T/T in advance,70% before shipment
  • Supply Ability: 10 set month


 vegetable vacuum cooler

the surface of the food contains a lot of water, due to its higher temperature and water vapor pressure is also changed. at atmospheric pressure water evaporation under vacuum is relatively slow, due to resistance to reduce evaporation speed, so food cooling speed. the food at the temperature of 35 to 3 about 20min; in the vacuum groove due to the pressure of uniform, so food precooling homogeneity; cooling capacity, including loading and unloading time can run two times per hour; precooling sanitation, no cross contamination.

and not precooling fruits and vegetables compared to, is more suitable for the long distance trade exports and domestic city arisen supermarket clean food, clean pollution-free vegetables, wild vegetables, flowers, edible fungus and preservation process, has a broad prospect. the practical application proves that, the vacuum cooling of vegetables, dry surface. fresh green, and directly into the cold slow blowing cooling of vegetables compared with the obvious difference.

lettuce in the general environment of shelf for a period of 3-5 days, vacuum cooling after storage at 1 environment, shelf-life can be extended to 14 days. can prolong the fresh cut flower vase period

articles on original senses and to maintain the quality of the best, but also can improve the quality of some items, such as the removal of astringency of litchi

safety, health. high production efficiency

the body / surface is smaller than the vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, leeks and other leafy vegetables is particularly suitable for the use of vacuum pre cooling method.

the main characteristics of coolbest vacuum pre-cooling machine

in 1, the cooling time is short, only 20~30 minutes, vegetables and can be consistently rapid cooling to 1~3 degrees c;

2, in the field of orchard picking operation, can in the first time to eliminate agricultural and sideline products field heat;

in 3, the vacuum pre-cooling is clean and sanitary, can inhibit or kill bacteria, insects and harmful microorganisms, greatly lowering the rate of decay;

4, even in the rain harvesting or washed fruits and vegetables, the surface of the water is in a vacuum state are excluded;

5, configure the brand-name unit, intelligent automatic control, preventing damage of fruit and vegetable device, electric open slot door and electric feed.

by 6, after the pre-cooling of fruit and vegetable storage transport, and at the end of the precooling compared its freshness, good taste, high price, favorable

on sale.

7, convenient operation, vacuum cooling from restricted packaging, cartons, plastic packaging products in vacuum cooling,

the cooling speed and packaging products almost no difference, in the production is very convenient.

in 8, plc touch screen control: plc by use of modern large-scale integrated circuit technology, the strict application of the production process, with high reliability. from the plc machine circuit, the use of plc constitutes the control system, and the same scale relay systems, electrical wiring and switch contacts have been reduced to hundreds or even thousands of fault, also reduced greatly. in addition, plc with hardware fault self testing function, failure will give managers and engineering repair personnel to timely warning information, to ensure the normal operation of the system.

mushroom vacuum cooler
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vacuum cooler for ready food

vacuum cooler for ready food

  • Model No.: DCRVC-001
  • Product Name: vacuum cooler for ready food
  • Product Origin: China
  • Standard: internal quality standard
  • Brand Name: coolbest
  • PriceTerms: T/T
  • Supply Ability: 15 set per month
  • CoolBest high temperature cooked food vacuum equipments mainly apply to meat products, rice products, bean products, vegetables, bread, cakes.It must go through cooling process. Cooked food out of cooking device need cooling method to remove the cooking heat. The cooling is before the processing or packaging or in cold storage or transport, so that generally it is called precooling. Cooling speed and quality is much related to the food quality and shelf life. The traditional way is naturally cool or Refrigeration house cooling, It will not only cause long cooling time, large difference in teperature between inside and surface, and extremely easy to create the " second pollution ". 2. To solve this problem,CoolBest uses advanced vacuum quick cooling principle, developed high temperature cooked food vacuum quick cooler . Let the fresh cooked food immediately go into the sealed vacuum chamber, obtain the required vacuum degree via certain technical method, therefore it reduce the boiling point of water. The moisture inside and outside of food and evaporate easily under low pressure , absorb the heat, so as to achieve rapid and uniform cooling purpose. And because it is in the isolated vacuum sterile cooling, it is with great speed through the bacterial rapid propagation with the temperature ( 25 ~ 70 degree), can ensure that the packaging prior to the original amount of bacteria is very low, thus greatly improving the food quality and safety, prolongs the quality guarantee period.

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    vacuum cooler for flowers

    vacuum cooler for flowers

  • Model No.: CBVC-1000
  • Product Name: vacuum cooler for flowers
  • Product Origin: China
  • Brand Name: coolbest or
  • Fresh flowers vacuum Cooling Machine Postharvest flower vacuum pre-cooling.Postharvest flowers should be rapidly cooled, which is called precooling. There are many flower precooling preserving methods , a very effective way among them is fresh vacuum pre-cooling. Fresh Vacuum pre-cooling is based on the vacuum conditions accelerating the evaporation of the characteristics, the flower is placed in a vacuum precooling tank for vacuum processing, flower of part of the water transpiration outward, the latent heat release with water vapor, so that the flowers of rapidly cooling. Vacuum cooling is not only faster, more uniform cooling, but due to the reduced pressure, so that the flower tissue oxygen concentration decreased, ethylene release concentration was also reduced, can effectively keep flower fresh and prolong the storage period. Flower vacuum precooling preserving process parameters. The vacuum pre-cooling fresh flower is mainly to control the degree of vacuum pre-cooling process to control temperature, humidity. The required vacuum degree and cooling groove flower physiological characteristics, sensitivity, flower flower itself humidity and vacuum equipment performance. Problem and countermeasure in fresh flowers vacuum pre-cooling process. Flower vacuum precooling preserving process will cause the water loss phenomenon of flowers, each about 10 ℃ temperature decrease water loss 1%, such as the temperature from 30 ℃ to 5 ℃ , water loss of about 3%. Flower if loss level in severe, open surface porosity, leads to fresh degree decline, affect quality of flowers. So we must strictly control the flowers with a suitable humidity. Absorbent means flower in cold water before the flowers after a period of time with the container together into a vacuum tank for vacuum cooling, the method is mainly suitable for the requirements of precooling end temperature lower flowers ( such as 1 ℃ to 2 ℃ ). In addition, for recovery after having more buds flowers, still container water by adding about 1% silver nitrate as a preserving agent. Water Treatment by vacuum tank container occupy certain space, thus affecting the production efficiency. Spray processing refers to the precooling prior to use of the humidification machine flower uniformly spray heating, make flowers pre-cooling before the use of heating machine on flower uniformly spray humidification, the Hui pre-cooling has enough water. Proved by practice, water treatment is simple to apply. Vacuum pre cooling device with cooling time ( generally only 20 to 30 minutes ), high efficiency, uniform cooling, without influence of packing and other notable features, particularly adapted to the flowers this kind of surface area to volume ratio for large articles pre-cooling fresh. As the precooling process of continuous improvement, vacuum pre-cooling equipment to further improve performance, vacuum pre-cooling fresh flowers in the storage or transport of application will be more and more popular.

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