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Alkaline Oxygenated Drinking Water

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Update Time:2014-09-16
Product Description

Alkaline Oxygenated Energized Bio Mineral & Antioxidant Drinking Water


We Premier H 2 O Industry / Marketing Sdn. Bhd. manufacturer of EURO H 2 O

Five in One Drinking Water consist of :


- Energized Water Molecule with Micro Cluster – Able to penetrate in to body cells to detoxify.

- Alkaline pH9.5 Balance Body pH from acidic to alkaline condition for optimum body health.

- Oxygen – 400% Accelerate “food burning” & optimize energy production at body cells.

- Bio–Mineralized –- Easy & Fast absorption by body cells which essential for human body.

- Antioxidant – Eradicate Free Radicals Chain Reaction.


EURO H 2 O manufactured in Malaysia with Technology Transfer from German, India & Japan.


EURO H 2 O has been created with 20 type of innovative process comprise of :


1. Ultra Purification with Ultra Violet Disinfection – removal of bacteria, odor and contaminants.

2. Energization by Biogenetics Ray with Balanced Electromagnetic Frequency–ultra fine water cluster.

3. Mineralization with Essential Colloidal Mineral – Calcium, Mg, Na, K & etc.

4. Electrolysis – 24 Platinum/Titanium plates – Ionization to produce stable alkaline water.

5. Oxygenation – Medical Grade Oxygen bind to H2O with Oxy-Ion Technology (Our Invention).

6. Antioxidant - active hydrogen’s electron develop rich negative ions.

The above process restore “Water Memory” to its Original State. EURO H 2 O contents are stable even after exposed to open air which being the superior quality water like no others in the world.


The invention of EURO H 2 O

After 5 years studies & research by number of doctors, chemist, water technology researchers & mechanical engineer whom joint hand to hand create EURO H2O .

It took two & half years to obtain license for EURO H2O ,   after submitting all complete papers & proofing to MINT (Malaysian Institute of Nuclear Technology), KKM & all other relevant departments to assure that what we are claiming is genuine.

Every 3 months KKM Authority representative visit our factory to analyze our bottled water condition standard  as per declared – Dissolve Oxygen >400% & Alkaline  at pH9.5.


We obtain the following License & Certification : 

1. KKM – Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (Ministry of Health Malaysia) License No: 163(52/J/33).

2. HALAL – Certification .

3. HACCP – Certification .

4. ISO – 22000 Certification.


- Enhance Mental Alertness.

- Optimum Energy Level.

- Strengthen Immune System.

- Detoxify Body Naturally.

- Cooling & Calming Effect for Body.


Individual with diabetic, high cholesterol, gout, constipation, asma, stroke & other diseases whom have consumed EURO H2O in regular basis have given very positive testimonial whom claim EURO H2O as “Alive Water” – the only superior grade drinking water which no others match to it.



Earth Condition & Eating Factor

Young Earth had 35% oxygen in air but Modern Earth oxygen content only 20% in average & 12% at industrial area. According research proofs that most chronic Disease due to lack of oxygen in our body & Acidosis.

Our daily food – bread, milk, coffee, tea, rice, all meats, fish, soft drink are acidic which cause our body as acidic body. Cancer cell & many other dangerous bacteria develop rapidly in acidic base.


Conclusion :

Adequate Oxygen + Natural Minerals +  Alkaline water intake

= Dispose body toxic & excessive fat which will make a person healthy.



Low Oxygen + Tainted Mineral + Acidic water

= excessive toxic & fat accumulate in a body is the root cause of normal fever up to chronic diseases



** 60% of our Body is WATER with 2/3 filled with oxygen

- the Prime content of our Body & Fundamentally needful to every part of our Body!

Drink RIGHT Type Water with RIGHT WAY to eradicate all disease &


Pure Water
UV Protection Pet Bottle
Shelf Life:
2 years
Weight (kg):
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
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Company Profile
Name: Premier Industry/Marketing SDN. BHD.
Main Products: Alkaline,Oxygen,Bio Mineral,Energized,Antioxidant
Business Type: Manufacturer
Total Employees: 11 - 50 People
Established Year: 2011
Main Markets: Mid East, South Asia, Domestic Market
Address: 140-A, Jalan Lembah, Taman Tasek
We Premier H2O Industry/Marketing Sdn. Bhd. manufacturer of EURO H2O 5in1 Drinking water consist:
Alkaline - 9.5pH.
Oxygenated >25ppm.
Bio-Mineralized - High Calcium, Mg, Na, K & etc.

EURO H2O Benefits
Enhance Mental Alertness.
Optimum Energy Level.
Strengthen Immune System.
Detoxify Body Naturally.
Cooling & Calming Effect for Body.

Assured Relieve for :
Diabetic, Gout, High Blood Pressure,
Cholesterol, Asthma, Migraines, Insomnia, Constipation & etc
Prevent Cancer Cell Growth. more
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Premier Industry/Marketing SDN. BHD.
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Main Products:Alkaline,Oxygen,Bio Mineral,Energized,Antioxidant
  • Main Markets: Mid East, South Asia, Domestic Market
  • Location: Johor Bharu, Johor, Malaysia
  • Year Established: 2011
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Contact: Mr. Gnanakumar Balakrishnan
Tel: 60 - 16 - 2049775
Fax: 60 - 07 - 2371121
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